Pansy producing principle


California elementary school bans ‘tag’ after it got too rough

Here we have another, where else but in La La Land, a school principal in California named David Frankel is out to make our now pansy generation even softer than they already are.

Davy sent out a message on Friday saying: “Students were instructed that physical contact including tag games, touch football, etc. were not allowed on the yard.”

In Frankel’s sissy opinion, the game of tag, that is older then black pepper is too rough for the kids in his school to play.

The next thing we know, fruit cakes like Frankel are going to hire people to follow each kid around with a mattress, just-in-case Junior happens to trip and fall so they can catch him.

Could be that Frankel and Billy Boy De Blasio are distant cousins.


Is this PC-pathetic or what!!

When I was growing up we used to play full contact football without pads on asphalt and concrete surfaces.  Probably a little nuts, BUT. It was a little tough on the corduroys, knees, and elbows but no one ever died from it.  Being able to deal with being discomfort and adversity builds character.

I have ALWAYS been of the opinion; the harder a kid is raised, not with brutality and with-in reason, the tougher the environment they are raised in, the more independent and self-sufficient they become.

It is a tough world out there, a lot tougher in some areas then when I grew up and getting tougher every day. The more adverse conditions kids are taught to deal with on their own, the better equipped they will be to handle what is thrown at them.

Mommy and Daddy or the school PC principle will not be trailing them throughout their lives with the mattress of salvation. The earlier they learn the better.


Take the average pampered kid and the average ghetto kid. Put them both under duress in the same environment, same stressful situation; which one of them will be able to handle the conditions better?

Toughen those kids up you pathetic PC-ers.  When they fall down, if they are not severely hurt, let them get up by themselves. You are not trying to save them, you are trying to save your own soft pathetic butt. They will thank you later for it. You certainly don’t want your kids to grow up like you.

Davy Boy; go check some test scores or clean out the boy’s room, that will be more productive.

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  1. There’s only one solution…BAN RECESS!

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