Death and or destruction at the doorstep

Kickboxer Scott Marsden Dies at 14 After Collapsing During Title Fight


For anyone that hasn’t ever been kicked or punched in the head, they have no idea of how it feels and what the after effects of it can be.

Comparing the force of a punch to a kick; a well-delivered kick is significantly stronger. An expert in the martial artist develops the same speed and dexterity with their legs as they do when they deliver a punch, but the kick has 3-5 times the power upon impact.

Incidents like what happened to the 14-year-old kick-boxer, are just a volcano waiting to explode.  Just like in the boxing game, fighters are just a payday for most of their trainers, not all, but many of whom give 2 shits about the fighters welfare.  Shoot them up and send them back in.

I have seen too many fights continue when the fighter is clearly knocked out on their feet and the trainers DO NOT throw the towel in.  I do think the MMA is more cautious than in the fight game.

In martial arts contests, the kicks, as well as punches to the heads, are very devastating and their long range effects do not surface until many years later.

Evidence of what trauma to the head looks like.

m1           m2

Take the older football players and the old timers in the WWF. I have seen interviews with them, some in their late 40’s early 50’s.  Many of them were barely able to walk or talk and the majority of them who are disabled absolutely regret participating in their sports. That 15 minutes of fame can be and is a killer.

The owners and big boys walk away with the $oldi while many of the players are left to rot away without any assistance from their respective organizations. They are viewed as a piece of money-making meat.

Many people get involved sports at a very young age and are never cautioned about the possibility of the long range effects.  I blame many of the parents that are living their lives vicariously through their kids.

Is everyone affected? No BUT who is willing to take the chance?

There are 100’s  of people like Scott Marsden that are walking on thin ice and don’t know it.

Will this death or any other injuries put a stop to these dangerous activities? We all know the an$wer. Unfortunately, $$$$$$ talks and suckers walk.

I am not suggesting that MMA, football or boxing be abolished because that will never happen. I am saying, there are safer standards and measures that can be in place so there are fewer head injuries.

What is the answer? Keep a supply of those black body bags handy, the eventual damage reports and after-effects are not fully in yet.

Is the risk worth the price some of the people have to pay?  It all depends on who you ask.




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