Talk about ridiculously lenient

Bruno Signs for Boa Esporte After Release from Prison for Girlfriend’s Murder

This Brazilain Bad Boy was about as brutal as anyone can possibly get.


Back in 2010, the bad boy was in a domestic disputed with his model girlfriend Eliza Samudio and she was about to put the hammer down on the Brazilian jock.


What did he do to circumvent that from happening; naturally what any other civilized person would do; he killed he, chopped her up and fed the body parts to his Rottweilers.

Mack the Knife was given 22 years in prison for kidnapping, torture, murder and for working without a butchers license. He served only 7 years before he was released back into the public.

The Brazilians must have a very liberal judicial system for such a lite sentence, let alone releasing the butcher after serving only 7 years.

Not only did Boa Esporte skate on time served, when he was released, he was immediately hired by a Brazilian soccer team.  I would think that anyone with half a brain would want to distance them self from a nutcase like him.  No telling what someone like Boa will do in the future.

Possibly he is a good enough player that the team intervened with an early release.  We have seen it happen many times in the USA where a sports team will get involved in a situation for some super-jock that committed a crime but never to this extent.

So much for justice for Eliza and her family.

I am taking a wild guess that the Brazilian babes are lined up to date this hacker.  A word of caution to the ladies, better remember on thing;

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