Degenerate Dogg

Fox News

Snoop Dogg uses a toy gun to shoot a clown resembling President Donald Trump in a new music video.

In the video for the rapper’s song “BADBADNOTGOOD,” Snoop Dogg raps about police brutality in a world inhabited by clowns.

“This is the final call,” he says before pointing a gun at the clown dressed as Trump who is smoking a cigarette. Snoop pulls the trigger and a flag that says “bang” shoots out from the toy gun.

Later in the video, the Trump clown is wrapped in metal chains.

“The whole world is clownin’ around,” the rapper told Billboard.

“I feel like it’s a lot of people making cool records, having fun, partying, but nobody’s dealing with the real issue with this fucking clown as president,” he added. “And the shit that WE dealing with out here, so I wanted to take time out to push pause on a party record and make one of these records for the time being.

WE dealing with (sounds like a  1st-grade education); this classless fool Snoop Dogg eat Dog, ( given name Cordozar Calvin Broadus, Jr. – no wonder he changed it) must have a fly in his pocket; WE!!

Based on what I know, this low-class street bum made millions living and working in the USA but has been on the edge much of his life. He is an insult to America, along with his cousin filthy mouthed Sammy Jackson, his broad Madonna and the rest of the Dogg pack. 

What a great example they are setting for our kids.

The only thing he did get right when he chose his last name was; Dogg.


He should  have gone all the way.

Not approving of PDT or his politics is understandable based on a person beliefs, BUT when these classless bum have to resort to that kind of language and insightful conversations, they are only displaying their lack of class, intelligence, and anti-Americanism.

Here is a little background on this disrespectful bum who has the gall to call out anyone, let alone calling PDT a fucking clown. Yet there are million of fools that idolize people like him. This just goes to show us how low the moral mentality of this country has fallen to.


Legal incidents

Shortly after graduating from high school, Broadus was arrested for possession of cocaine and for the following three years was frequently in and out of prison.[8] In 1990, he was convicted of felony possession of drugs and possession for sale.[123]

While recording Doggystyle in August 1993, Snoop Dogg was arrested in connection with the death of Phillip Woldermariam, a member of a rival gang who was shot and killed by Snoop’s bodyguard, McKinley Lee; Snoop was charged with murder along with Lee as he was driving the vehicle from which the shooting had commenced. Snoop and Lee were defended by Johnnie Cochran.[124] Both Snoop and Lee were acquitted; Lee was acquitted on grounds of self-defense, but Snoop Dogg remained entangled in the legal battles around the case for three years.[125]

In July 1993, Snoop was stopped for a traffic violation and a firearm was found by police while conducting a search of his car. In February 1997, he pleaded guilty to possession of a handgun and was ordered to record three public service announcements, pay a $1,000 fine, and serve three years’ probation.[126][127][128]

Snoop Dogg, Tha Dogg Pound, and The Game were sued for assaulting a fan on stage at a May 2005 concert at the White River Amphitheatre in Auburn, Washington. The accuser, Richard Monroe, Jr., claimed he was beaten by the artists’ entourage while mounting the stage, allegedly after an “open invite”.[129] The lawsuit, which sought $22 million in damages, was dismissed in 2009.[130]

In September 2006, Snoop Dogg was detained at John Wayne Airport in Orange County, California by airport security, after airport screeners found a collapsible police baton in Snoop’s carry-on bag. Donald Etra, Snoop’s lawyer, told deputies the baton was a prop for a musical sketch. Snoop was sentenced to three years’ probation and 160 hours of community service for the incident starting in September 2007.[131] Snoop Dogg was arrested again October 2006 at Bob Hope Airport in Burbank after being stopped for a traffic infraction; he was arrested for possession of a firearm and for suspicion of transporting an unspecified amount of marijuana, according to a police statement. The following month, after taping an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, he was arrested again for possession of marijuana, cocaine and a firearm. Two members of Snoop’s entourage, according to the Burbank police statement, were admitted members of the Rollin 20’s Crips gang, and were arrested on separate charges.[132] In April 2007, he was sentenced to a three-year suspended sentence, five years’ probation, and was required to perform 800 hours of community service after pleading no contest to two felony charges of drug and gun possession by a convicted felon. He was also prohibited from hiring anyone with a criminal record or gang affiliation as a security guard or a driver.[123]

In April 26, 2006, Snoop Dogg and members of his entourage were arrested after being turned away from British Airwaysfirst class lounge at Heathrow Airport. Snoop and his party were denied entry to the lounge due to some members flying in economy class. After being escorted outside, the group vandalized a duty-free shop with whiskey bottles. Seven police officers were injured in the midst of the disturbance. After a night in jail, Snoop and the other men were released on bail the next day, but he was unable to perform a scheduled concert in Johannesburg.[133] On May 15, the Home Office decided that Snoop Dogg would be denied entry to the United Kingdom for the foreseeable future, and his British visa was denied the following year.[134][135][136] As of March 2010, Snoop Dogg has been allowed back into the UK.[137] The group involved in the incident have been banned by British Airways for “the foreseeable future.”[138]

In April 2007, the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship banned him from entering the country on character grounds, citing his prior criminal convictions. He had been scheduled to appear at the MTV Australia Video Music Awards on April 29, 2007.[139] Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship lifted the ban in September 2008 and had granted him visa to tour Australia. DIAC said: “In making this decision, the department weighed his criminal convictions against his previous behaviour while in Australia, recent conduct – including charity work – and any likely risk to the Australian community … We took into account all relevant factors and, on balance, the department decided to grant the visa.”[140]

He was banned from entering Norway for two years in July 2012 after entering the country the month before in possession of 8 grams of marijuana and an undeclared kr 227,000 in cash, or about US$27,000 as of September 2015.[141][142][143]

Snoop Dogg has also been arrested and fined for misdemeanor marijuana possession in Los Angeles in 1998,[144] in Cleveland in 2001,[145] and Sierra Blanca, Texas in 2010.[146]

Snoop Dogg, after performing for a concert in Uppsala, Sweden on July 25, 2015, was pulled over and detained by Swedish police for allegedly using illegal drugs, violating a Swedish law enacted in 1988, which criminalized the recreational use of such substances – therefore even being under the influence of any illegal/controlled substance a crime in itself even without possession. During the detention, he was taken to the police station to perform a drug test and was released afterwards. The rapid test was positive for traces of narcotics, and he was potentially subject to fines depending on the results of more detailed analysis, which were expected to be completed within several weeks.[147] The rapper uploaded several videos on the social networking site, Instagram, criticising the police for alleged racial profiling. He declared in the videos, “Nigga as got me in the back of police car right now in Sweden, cuz”, and “Pulled a nigga over for nothing, taking us to the station where I’ve got to go pee in a cup for nothin’. I ain’t done nothin’. All I did was came to the country and did a concert, and now I’ve got to go to the police station. For nothin.’!” He announced to his Swedish fanbase that he would no longer go on tour in Sweden anymore due to the incident. Police spokesman, Daniel Nilsson, responded to the accusations by saying, “We don’t work like that in Sweden.”[148][149][150]

In the Death Row Records bankruptcy case, Snoop Dogg lost $2 million.[151

The is just what is public information. As we can see by documented evidence, this bum has a lot of goolunies throw stones at anyone.

It may be freedom of speech these cowards are hiding behind BUT, in my opinion, they are planting the seed in some nut cases head that just might attempt to follow through with some of their suggested insanity.

This may not be exactly the same thing but I think it is close enough to put this bum in jail for a while and make an example out of him. He definitely did;  knowingly and willfully suggested threatens to kill, kidnap, or inflict bodily harm upon

18 U..S.C. 879 code

(a) Whoever knowingly and willfully threatens to kill, kidnap, or inflict bodily harm upon – (1) a former President or a member of the immediate family of a former President; (2) a member of the immediate family of the President, the President-elect, the Vice President, or the Vice President-elect; (3) a major candidate for the office of President or Vice President, or a member of the immediate family of such candidate; or (4) a person protected by the Secret Service under section 3056(a)(6); shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 5 years, or both. (b) As used in this section – (1) the term “immediate family” means – (A) with respect to subsection (a)(1) of this section, the wife of a former President during his lifetime, the widow of a former President until her death or remarriage, and minor children of a former President until they reach sixteen years of age; and (B) with respect to subsection (a)(2) and (a)(3) of this section, a person to whom the President, President-elect, Vice President, Vice President-elect, or major candidate for the office of President or Vice President – (i) is related by blood, marriage, or adoption; or (ii) stands in loco parentis; (2) the term “major candidate for the office of President or Vice President” means a candidate referred to in subsection (a)(7) of section 3056 of this title; and (3) the terms “President-elect” and “Vice President-elect” have the meanings given those terms in section 871(b) of this title.
The ship of fools that jumped on the anti-Trump bandwagon are playing with fire.  I think it is about time that the fire department is called to extinguish the flames and sink their ship.
The boldness and disrespect such as they are displaying has never been seen in modern politics and  can not end well.
Ironic as it seems, we see more celebrated and well off people who have the world by the ass complaining about the conditions and none of them have to deal with it. Hypocrites is suitable.
I hope the authorities get a handle on this insanity before it goes completely haywire. It is very close now.


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5 Responses to Degenerate Dogg

  1. Brittius says:

    Reblogged this on Brittius and commented:
    The Dogg, needs a Secret Service, beat down.

    • He needs the dogg catchers to come after him and lock his greasy ass up for about 2 or 3 years

    • I still cannot understand where these people get The Goolunies to say what they’re are saying.
      Beside the fact but most of them were scumbags to start with period That’s the thought of the day have a good day mr. B

      • Brittius says:

        I agree however, if the threats were made only a few decades ago, the bum would have been picked up by the Secret Service, and almost guaranteed there would have been some prison time involved. That’s what the Dogg longs for. Prison. Get up when he wants. Cozy rack. Mess. Complain and whine. If whippings were involved, or Hard Labor, we would see how fast people straighten up.

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