Marine Male Chauvinist mentality

Marine Corps commandant must go: Retired Air Force officer:

I normally would not agree that the Commandant should have to step down after this episode of some male Jar Heads getting way out of line with the female Marines.

After reading what General Neller’s position was on the issue, he definitely has to get his cover (hat).

I was not aware that this abuse of the ladies was so wide-spread and has been going on for as long as it has under his command. Obviously, General Neller turned a blind eye to it.

Some male Marines have been posting denigrating photos and comments about female Marines on Facebook, but the Marine Corps commandant at the time blamed social media, sequestration and the military justice system for the problem. General Neller’s excuse is, he doesn’t use Facebook and doesn’t know much about it.

From where I am sitting, a person does not need a degree from Harvard to understand and how to use Facebook (one of the most dangerous things on the planet). If he really wanted to be informed, he could have asked one of the people in his command to explain it to him. That should have taken all of about 5 minutes. I think that is a very weak excuse.

When the ugly head of posting nude pictures surfaced 4 years ago on the internet, all he had to do was bust a few of the offenders or send them to the brig for a month to get their minds right. That would certainly have sent a message throughout the Corps.

When I was in 60 years ago, female Marines (there were very few of them) did not play as important of a role in combat situations as they do today. They were most utilized for clerical work. Today they are a big part of the fighting machine of the Corps and should be treated with the respect they deserve.


All this nonsense is just another form of bullying. Bullying is for juvenile, infantile fools.  Real men do not resort to that type of misbehavior.

Based on the circumstances, I do agree that General Neller has seen his better days.


It is a real shame this situation escalated to this point. This man did not get all of the ribbons on his chest for nothing, he had to earn them.  I am sure he loves the Corps and has performed to the best of his ability.  He may be from the old school mentality that didn’t want women in the Corps??

Semper Fi to all the ladies in the Corps as well as the stand-up men that have made it such a unique organization and fighting machine.


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