Saint Michael – NOT!!


They finally woke up

As we can see, I did this post over a year ago stating that Micheal Brown was a bad ass kid out looking for trouble and he found it.  I even provided a video for proof.

Now the media is coming out with the same story, that if told sooner, could have possibly prevented a lot of discourse in this country if they did not sit on this information.  Many times I think this is done deliberately to keep the fire burning.

I don’t care if a person is red, white black or green, rich, poor, ugly or good looking, who their Ma Ma is or if they come from money.  If they are a thug and a criminal that is what they are.

I am the 1st one to agree that the black community has been put through years of injustice; I do think it is getting better.  We can not change the past but we can decide our own destiny.  If they want a change, they have to work at it, not against it.

BUT, Always the BIG BUT; they have to be fair in their assessment of their own people when a crime is committed and someone is shot or killed. If the person was a stand-up citizen and was wrongfully dealt with, by all means, protest.NOT riot but protest. 99% of the time; no crime no shooting. It is relatively easy. Put yourself in a cops shoes to see how you would react if someone had a gun in your face or was shooting at you.

95% of the time; no crime no shooting. It is relatively easy. Don’t commit the crime. Put yourself in a cops shoes to see how you would react if someone had a gun in your face or was shooting at you.

On the other side of the coin; if the person is or was a thug like Brown, call it like you see it.  Bad behavior can not be rewarded.  The young kids see the end result of what bums like Brown do and how they are glorified and want to be just like them.

At 18 years old Brown was a big kid, 6′ 4″ and 292 pounds who was used to pushing his way around his hood.  He was a bad ass bully. The day he got his lights put out, he was clearly out looking for a headache and got the ultimate one, permanent.

It is perfectly OK for his loved ones to honor him but to make a hero out of him ….????????


Was it fair that he was killed? It all depends on who we ask. It wasn’t fair he was trying to take the cops gun away. Was it his intentions to clean it and give it back?

It is the job of the parents and the community to steer the young kids in the right direction and make sure they don’t grow up like Brown. Thugs like Brown should not be glorified but the should be vilified.

It is a good move on CNN’s part to set the record straight; even if it is a year too late.

No one is asking the media to crucify anyone unjustly; just shoot straight from the hip and tell it like it is.

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If that information was available to me a year ago, why wasn’t it published by the big boys?

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