Dumb and dumber

Man ‘Bursting Out Of His Pants’ Arrested For Cocaine Smuggling At Airport

First, we had Dumb and Dumber – then this screwball came on the scene and put them to shame.

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Authorities at JFK airport arrested the brain surgeon Juan Carlos Galan Luperon last Saturday after they noticed his pants were tight and he appeared nervous.

Luperon, a U.S. citizen from Manhattan, arrived at JFK from the Dominican Republic. He was trying to conceal $164,000.oo worth of cocaine and did a piss poor job of it. Juan would have been better off taking his chance with UPS.

It is not secret that a good percentage of criminals are stupid. First of all for being a criminal, then because they are gr$$dy.

If Juan would have taken half of what he was attempting to smuggle, he may have got away with his caper.  The need for gr$$d will eventually take them all down.

I wonder how many people would that amount (in the big picture, it is like one grain of sand on the beach) of coke would kill or permanently disable?  Do these drug makers or smugglers ever think of that? Do they ever stop to think that the scum they are selling this crap to are in turn selling it to their kids??? I don’t think they really care.

The entire world of druggies, at all levels, should be ashamed for what they have done to society. It is getting worse by the second.

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    This was seriously funny, glad you found my site, I’ve linked this back to you. My take with a few bells and whistles. Enjoy…https://whatyouthoughtiwentaway.wordpress.com/2017/03/12/dumb-and-dumber-why-criminals-dont-usually-make-great-business-partners/

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