They don’t give a frack

Over the years there has been an ongoing debate over whether fracking is a good thing or a bad thing. The answer is yes and no. It is a good thing for the frackers that are making billions but a bad thing for Mother Nature and her inhabitants.

For the people who are unfamiliar with construction methods, they may believe the nonsense that the mother frackers are trying to drill down everybody’s throat

I was in the construction industry for 50 years and know many of the in’s and outs of different construction methods.

If we can imagine jamming a high-pressure water hose 20 feet deep in our backyard, sealing the hole on the top to keep the pressure contained and turn on the water full blast, just imagination the mess the high-pressure water would create underground. The water would seek out and find every crack and crevice to seep into.

Essentially, this is exactly what the mother frackers are doing when they drill for gas. The drillers are using an older method called directional drilling or directional boring to get to their destinations.  Only difference is, directional boring is done horizontally and frack drilling starts out vertically but can be steered horizontally to reach its destinations. This method is so sophisticated, they are able to track and steer the drilling head thousands of feet deep to its destination.

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When the frackers reached their destination, they pump the frack into their drilled hole under high pressure.  This referred to hydraulic fracturing, fracturing the ground and that process releases the gas they extract which is trapped in the subterranean areas. The high pressure and fracturing of the ground eventually creates earthquakes.

In the process, they are drilling right through all of the under ground water aquifers that millions of people use for drinking water. They will never convince me that they are not contaminating the aquifers as they drill through them.




The mother frackers will try to deny that their drilling/fracturing methods are causing earthquakes. Let us ask the good people from Oklahoma for starters.

Forty-nine U.S. states recorded a total of 1,586 earthquakes of magnitude 3 or greater. Oklahoma recorded 857 quakes. That leaves the other 48 U.S. states with a combined total of 729. Oklahoma had a record year in 2014 with 585 quakes, after a record year in 2013 of 106.


Anyone that contends that the drastic increase in the quakes is coincidental and not the cause of earth quakes are all fracked up.

One of my main concern, being I have well water, is the contamination of the wells. As you can see in the illustrations above, when the frack is pumped into the drill hole under high pressure, it will seek the weakest points to escape to and DOES get into aquifers regardless of what the mother frackers are telling us.


Ninety percent of fracking fluid is made up of water, and another 9.5 percent is standard sand, according to the American Petrol Institute’s Energy Tomorrow project. The remaining 0.5 percent of the fracking fluid is made up of chemicals.

Acids like hydrochloric acid are used in fracking fluids to dissolve the minerals in the rock, soil and sand below the ground. Acid is also used to dissolve parts of the rock to initiate cracking, according to FracFocus.

Other acids, corrosion inhibitors and biocides like quaternary ammonium chloride and glutaraldehyde are used to prevent corrosion and eliminate corrosive bacteria. Many of the chemicals involved are used for mundane aspects of drilling, like preventing corrosion.

Beside the fracturing, earthquakes, and damage to Mother Nature fracking causes, the .05% of chemicals they pump into the ground for their construction applications is very worrisome. How much of the acid is enough to make someone sick or kill them?

There is very little that can be done to prevent these fracking giants from drilling; there is too much $oldi behind them.

Like the many other harmful devices man has created and their disregard for the human race, putting big money before the welfare of the people, they will continue to destroy the world and deny they are doing it.

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It all boils down to, pay me now or pay me later. Just how much abuse Mother Nature can take before she rebels big time is the question.

I always try to consider what are we are leaving for future generations. The way I see it, with the out of control racial issues, the wack jobs like North Korea, tensions between the USA, Russia, and China, dealing with nut cases like Iran, terrorism, lawlessness in the streets of our cities, the drug situations that may be beyond fixing, dissension between political parties who are too ignorant to put their egos up their wazzo and find a happy medium, the disgusting examples coming from the spaced-out THE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE that are corrupting the hell out of the kids; other than those examples, all is well on the western front. Makes a guy want to jump up kick his heels.


Folks; I am not a crapehanger or an over the top sensationalist; I just shoot straight from the hip and tell it like it is. There are too many people in the world that would rather turn their backs on a problem or bury their heads in the sand to try to ignore a problem like they do not exist because they have no backbone or in extreme denial.  That is not the proper approach to correcting ANY situation.  A good offense is a great defense.

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One of my motivations for blogging is trying to make a difference. If I can open a few eyes and make just a small difference, I will be satisfied. Possibly the people who agree with me will pass it on some of my posts to their friends and neighbors. Someday it may become infectious.

BUT in all reality, always the BIG BUT, I don’t see it happening. There are too many greedy, self-absorbed, selfish, egomaniacs, corrupt, narcissists handling the reigns of control around the world.

Have a great weekend.

I would really like to be proven wrong.








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