8-9-10; lights out for Floyd

In my humble opinion (don’t believe that for a  minute), I say Mayweather is going to meet his Waterloo, Irish style.


I have a little knowledge of both fighters and some experience in the field. There is NO WAY on God’s little green earth that two pugilists who are of equal skills in their genre, as Musch Mouth Mayweather and McGregor are, will the boxer ever beat the martial artist.  The key-word being,  equally skilled.

Naturally; if we match a bum boxer against an expert martial artist, the Martial artist will win and vice-a-versa.

Conditioning is always the name of the game. Both of the men are at the top of the line in their respective games. BUT, Always the BIG BUT; a great martial artist as McGregor has at least 5 – 10 times the weapons as a Mayweather. Conor having the ability to use his hands, feet and other body parts offensively and defensively.

A good martial artist can hit a person from any direction or position; front, back or side with their hands, feet, elbows, shoulders, head butts, knees as well as using multiple ground game techniques.

A boxer has only been trained to hit someone that is in front of them.

IF, the rules of the match are changed to accommodate one or the other, that will be an entirely different story.  Without changes, as the rules stand in both arenas now, Mayweather does not stand a chance.  He has never fought anyone the ferociousness that McGregor has.

All McGregor has to do is work on those bean-poles (get away sticks) that support Mayweather and the rest is history.

Then we have to look at the possibility of a fixed match. Something the fight game is notorious for. On the other side of the coin, I have watched 1,000’s of martial arts contests and possibly have seen 1 or maybe 2 decisions I disagreed with.

Both men are always in extremely good condition. Boxing matches are 3 minutes rounds – MMA fights a 5-minute rounds.  It will interesting to see what this match time limits will be.

Championship matches for MMA are 5 round; where boxing is 12 rounds. It used to be 15 rounds for boxing but there were too many severe injuries and they cut it back to 12.

Both fighters are masters of intimidation. They have may many of their opponents beat before they get into the ring. I am sure they will put on a great prefight circus.

McGregor is demanding 100 million for his 36 minutes of work.  If the fight does go 12 rounds, which I doubt, that calculates to be a cool $777,777.777 per minute.

According to the financial experts, Mayweather is worth an estimated 400 million and Conor is a piker coming in at 22 million.

There are multitudes of fight fans that have waited years to see someone stick a sock or in this case, a foot or a fist in the ultra-arrogant Mayweather’s mouth.

Hopefully this is not all hype.

Let the games begin!!!

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