Who better than the USA to spend it on

Civil engineers say fixing infrastructure will take $4.6 trillion


A group of the top engineers in the country put their heads together and put a price tag on what it would cost to overhaul the entire infrastructure in the country and came up with a figure of 4.6 trillion.  I say that is a bargain.

We have pissed and shot (bombs and bullets) away trillions of dollars getting involved in countries and situations we should not have and came away with noting but Mr. Jones in our hands. That is if we were lucky.

At least when the projects are completed, the country will have something to show for our tax dollars and will have employed millions of people. People work, they pay taxes and spend money. A win win for everyone.

The only thing that I would recommend is. Being that I am familiar with government contracts, there needs to be very tight scrutinization of the contracts,  dollars and overages.  Our government has been so lax through the years by giving the store away it is a sacrilege.

Many times the inspectors who work for the the government, that make  60 G’s a year are driving a Bentley and living in a 6 million dollar shack.  We all get the drift or is it the graft.

I say go for it, but keep tight reigns on the contracts and contractors.  Where there is big money involved the big rats will emerge.

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