The Military has going mentally PC- AWOL

The Air Force (Air-heads) says words like ‘boy’ and ‘girl’ could be offensive

These fly boys and girls have really flown off of their rockers.

This is a partial list of some of words and phrases deemed troublesome by the Air Force:

1.    Boy

2.    Girl

3.    You People

4.    Colonial

5.    Blacklist

6.    Blackmail

7.    Blackball

8.    Sounds Greek to me

9.    Blondes have more fun

10.  Too many chiefs, not enough Indians

This pathetic PC-ness that the Obama Administration and people like them pushed so forcibly, is a PC-Disgrace. Words that have been used for 100’s and 1,000’s of years, in 8 short years, some fools came along with their own interpretation of the English language, as to what is acceptable or not. It is absolute insanity.

I wonder if the phrase Crazy Bastards is PC-offensive to anyone?

One of the things that disturbs me, some highly educated people have capitulated to this insanity.  The old saying that insanity and genius are very close cousins may come into play here. I’m looking and listening to these people in total disbelief not understanding what I am seeing and what I am hearing.  What the hell is their agenda?
Who in their right mind would ever think that the United States Air Force would consider the word Colonel inappropriate? That in-it-self tells us a gigantic tale of their ignorance!!
What really concerns me, I am wondering if this unexplained phenomenon is ever gonna turn a corner and go back to sanity where we used to be?? I sincerely have my doubts.
We have regressed so low that there is a college in New York State that considers calling the professors Mr. and Mrs. is gender specific and not permissible.  Are you shitting me??
As far as I am concerned, if we do not reverse this PC-pathetic trend, it is just going to or has already corrupt minds of our  younger generations. As it stands now, many of them, because of this PC-nonsense can’t make up their minds what sex they are or want to be. That is very dangerous territory. Do the head PC-ers see this or are they blind as well as ignorant?
The US Air Force better put these fruit cakes, that are capitulating to this PC nonsense, into an decompression chamber for about a month to get their minds right.
I would love to ask one of these nut jobs, what the fuck are we supposed to call a Colonel in the Air Force; a Urinal?
Can you tell I am very pissed off?? This bull shit has gone entirely too far.
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If I offended any of the PC-ers out there, they can kiss my ass. I spent too much time in the military and respect it dearly to see a bunch of nut cases try to tear it apart.  I would love to get their Lilly green asses into  Parris lsland for a month or two and show them what the fuck is PC and what is not.
A couple of years ago our illustrious president wanted to make all the covers (hats) in the Marine Corps gender neutral. I nearly threw up when I read that. What in the name of common-sense would Obama want to make a stupid decision like that for?  WHY???
                          Numbers 1 & 3 are the original covers for the men and women.
With all of the pressing issues this man had to deal with in the world at the time, why would he even pay attention to what the Marines were wearing on their heads?
During his presidency, Mr. O must have had an entire squad of people on the government’s payroll that devoted their entire time looking for issues to get PC-pathetic about. That is really PC-pathetic.
I hope that no one who reads this post goes away ambivalent as to what I meant.
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    We can expect the term, “Pickle Suit”, to joint the PC No-No List.

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