Fox is slipping

Gym bans Fox News


The caption under this news item:

Gym bans Fox News

I just happened to be watching the news clip last night when this report came on.  This morning Fox has only reported a half truth.

A YMCA gym in Scranton, PA has concerns that national news being played 24-7 on its TV’s is more detrimental to its member’s health than them eating 6 triple Big Macs – 4 fries and 3 large diet drinks.

Recently, with all of the differences of opinions after the election, some of its members have been very close to putting on the gloves and going 5 rounds while viewing the news.

To circumvent that problem, the Y has decided not to allow ANY news from  ALL networks to be played,  not just Fox as Fox’s headline indicated.

Sensationalism, half-truths, fabricated stories, down-right lies have been the name of the game with the BIG BOYS in the media for years and getting worse.  Fox and CBS are the two that get the closest to the truth in my opinion.

That would be the same as saying all politicians are parasites, bums, leaches, good for nothing free-loaders. That statement is only 82% correct.


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