China holds the key

THAAD deployment threat stokes US tensions with Beijing, Moscow

The entire world is walking on thin ice for many different reasons but the most critical situation is, the North Koreans and their mad man Kid-Dick-Tator.

He is so far out there, he mandated all men in NK to have the same hair doooo he has.


Because the Kid will not behave himself and is constantly flexing his muscle and putting the world on edge not knowing his next move, the USA is being forced to install a missile defense to protect South Korea as a just in case. 

The system is called THAAD (Terminal High-Altitude Area Defense) system is designed to intercept and destroy short and medium range ballistic missiles during the last part of their flights.

Russia and China are taking this actions as a threat to them which it is absolutely not the case. The move on the USA’s part is strictly for defensive purposes not offensive.

It is no secret that China has The Kid by the short hair and controls North Korea completely. All China has to do is put the brakes on NK and that would resolve a multitude of problems.

I personally think China wants to put their new aircraft carrier to work. They didn’t build that monster for nothing.


I did this post the first post on this Nov 25, 2012 @ 9:31

All of that hand-shaking, bowing and tradition the Chinese government officials use during their formal meeting is all a smoke screen. The only thing that they understand is power and strength. If they knew they could invade us unimpeded, they would be here tomorrow or maybe this afternoon.

To put this very volatile problem, in a nutshell; China controls the entire situation and wants North Korea to be the fall guy. The Chinese have the power and ability to put the hammer on the North Koreans in a minute but in my opinion, this unrest is just what China has been striving for.

They just might want to make a move before the USA is back to full strength with our military capabilities??? Never underestimate your opponent.

Possibly the Judo Guy is waiting in the background to scoop up all the pieces when it is all over??? He is a lot of things but not a fool.

The scariest part of this whole scenario, The Brat is just nutty enough to press the red button.

Whatever the case may be, the world does not need this constant fear hanging over our heads. If all of the idiots from all governments genuinely wanted peace, they could put their heads together and make it happen. There is ample wealth in this world for everyone to share but some tyrants want it all.

Folks, it is all about control, money, power and dominance. Let us hope there can be a peaceable solution. The BIG ONE, ain’t gonna be pretty.





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