Dark in there, isn’t it??

Alarm bells ring for charities as Trump pledges to slash foreign aid budget

It appears to me that the bleeding hearts like CNN and the rest of the boulder rollers are more concerned with the USA cutting foreign donations than they are about taking care of business at home.

It is about time the alarm bells are ringing.  The USA has been the bank/sucker/fairy godfather for the world entirely too long.

There is now way on God’s little green planet I would have my family starve by giving all of my recourses to someone else. That is exactly what has been happening in this country for decades.  The time has come for someone like the new Sheriff to put the brakes on.

It never made sense to me that the good old United States of America GIVES AWAY trillions of dollars while our own country was falling to pieces and many of the people are living below the poverty level.  If that is an example of the mentality of the higher echelon, they should not be holding any political office.  What can possibly be between their ears?  Not a hell of a lot.

As recent as 2013  our government was dishing out aid to some countries that are better off financially than we are. What imbeciles can even begin to justify this?

Top 25 Recipient Countries of U.S. Foreign Aid FY 2013 Reported in $US millions, Obligations [9]
Country Economic and Military Assistance FY 2013, $US millions Aid received per person recipient FY2013, $US Economic Assistance FY 2013, $US millions Military Assistance FY2013, $US millions
Afghanistan 4533.51 148 2653.93 1879.58
Israel 2961.04 367 17.81 2943.23
Egypt 1566.24 19 330.6 1235.6
Jordan 1211.83 188 879.64 332.19
West Bank/Ghaza 1007.73 370
Ethiopia 686.53 7 685.19 1.34
South Sudan 618.74 55 598.79 19.96
Malawi 571.18 35 570.91 0.27
Uganda 541.93 14 538.3 3.62
South Africa 526.19 10 523.86 2.32
Nigeria 518.84 3 509.41 9.43
Russia 465.16 3 445.07 20.08
Iraq 444.81 13 382.7 62.11
Tanzania 430.66 9 427.82 2.84
Mexico 419.94 3 348.72 71.21
Congo (Kinshasa) 379.24 6 366.73 12.52
Haiti 378.77 37 377.04 1.73
Lebanon 376.41 84 286.03 90.38
Somalia 367.18 35 188 179.18
Zambia 310.8 22 310.26 0.54
Sudan (former)* 290.05 8 290.05

These are just a few of the countries that have been mooching off of the USA. Some are paying it back by spitting in our faces. I don’t fault the countries for accepting the handouts, I fault the stumble-bums that have been at the helm.

For the lack of a better word (not really), these WHORE deals were put together way back when and we can bet that a very big portion of what we GAVE them never got to its proper destination. Lots of hogs got very fat during these transactions.

The true fact of the matter is; THE BIG SHOTS that have been pulling and controlling the purse strings; the deplorable conditions in this country do not affect them at all.  Every night when the slither out of their very luxurious offices, they put on blinders when they pass the slums and head directly to their castles in the sky.  They could care less about any of the average people.

I made the observation quite awhile back. One of the greatest attributes  PDT has; he can relate to the average working class person better than with the high rollers.  That is an absolute unique characteristic he has.

Rough times call for tough decisions.  Does anyone really think that PDT likes doing what he is doing? He HAS to do what he is doing, if we ever want to dig our country out of this hole it is in.  These very tough decisions are for the betterment of all Americans. Even misfits like Sam Jackson – Rusty Rosie and Mush Mouth Moore. The list of them is endless.

I would hope at some point in time, all of the fools that are attempting to dethrone this man would get their heads out of their ass and see that he is attempting to rectify years of giveaways, theft, mismanagement, dereliction of duty, no accountability and downright incompetence.

Let us not forget; the politicians in DC last year had an 86% disapproval rating.  Those that fall under that umbrella could not hold a job in corporate America long enough to eat their pepper and egg sandwiches for lunch.


Wake up fools and look at the sunshine. That position many of you are in looks very uncomfortable pungent to me.


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