There is Batman and Robin …..

Fox News

Holder: Obama preparing to get back into political spotlight

We have Batman and Robin – Superman and Supergirl –  Tarzan and Jane – Abbott and Costello – Gracie Allen and George Burns –  Martin and Lewis – Charlie McArthy and his dummy – The Lone Ranger and Tonto – Tom Mix and Bob Steele – Wild Bill and BB; the list is endless of dynamic duos. Now we can add another pair to the pack, Holder and Obama.


It seems to have been a pattern through the years that Holder does a lot of Mr. O’s ground breaking dialog; saying things that Mr. O wanted to say but could not. Holder publicly admitted that many times. Now Holder is announcing that Mr. O is getting ready to throw his hat back in the political ring.

political spotlight

Former President Obama is getting ready to jump back into the political pool, former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder said Tuesday. “He’s ready to roll,” Holder told reporters at a briefing.


Is it possible that Mr. O will say what he wants to say now that he is out of office?

He just got his hat 2 months ago and like the cowpoke that was thrown from his horse, can’t wait to get back in the saddle.


According to Obama’s spokesman Holder; they are going to work on ways to reconfigure the democratic party. Remember the party that lost the election?  Getting one’s butt spanked publicly must be very humiliating.

As far as I am concerned all political parties should be abolished.  They sure as hell were not conceived for the betterment of the people.  It can be as easy as falling out of a tree, breaking an arm and staying in sick bay for 2 days and not as painful.

There can be the same number of parasites (politicians) representing each state, the only difference would be is removing their political parties. No donkeys, not elephants and no Commies, no socialists.  All politicians would belong to the same party, The Party for the American People. That is a great idea but will never happen because there are billions of $oldi at stake. Power, money and control are what it is all about.

This change alone would do wonders for ridding the political halls of cronyism and the obsession politicians have to get it done for the party. It seems that they all forgot what they were elected for. Not for the benefit of THE PARTY but to represent ALL the people who elected them.

What our political system has turned into over the years is a safe sanctuary of self-gratification for the politicians. What their primary objective and purpose should be is to do what is right for all Americans, not just the people in their party. Isn’t that considered discrimination? Instead, their radar is set on how they can all ingratiate themselves into becoming multi-millionaires by the time they leave office.

How many times do politicians vote in favor of an issue because it is in their best interest and for THE PARTY, which is very detrimental to most American people? Too many to count.

Why is it that politicians do not have social security and medical like the people they represent. Is it not suitable for them? Are they better than us? Why do they live by a different set of rules than the private citizen does? Is that beneath them?  Why should their paychecks continue if the government is shut down? Wasn’t it their negligence that caused the problem?  As we can see, the majority of politicians are all the same, so why not have only one party? Wishful thinking.

BUT, always the big BUT; if we have a wish in one hand and have a pile of gorilla dung in the other hand; what do you really have. Take door # 2.

Two things. I think Mr. O still can not accept that fact that the lady he backed 110% got beat. That was a very big blemish to his clout and creditability.  2nd, the man misses being in the limelight.  He is like a movie actor that was no longer a box office hit and misses the spotlights; he can’t accept being put out to the pasture.

We are going to be hearing a lot from Mr. O in the future. Now that Holder doesn’t have to speak for him, let us see how the laundry comes out of the wash.



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