The puttana prevailed

Casey Anthony probably killed her daughter, but by accident, judge says:

My answer to his honor is; NOT SHIT!!!!!!


The retired Florida judge who presided over the Casey Anthony trial said he believes she “may” have accidentally killed her two-year-old daughter with chloroform.

n 2011, a jury acquitted Anthony of murdering her two-year-old child Caylee Anthony in June 2008. Instead, the jury convicted her of four misdemeanor counts of lying to police.

Retired Orange County Judge Belvin Perry told WFTV that he doesn’t find fault with the verdict, believes there was enough evidence to file a murder charge against Anthony.

“The question was asked, ‘Was there sufficient evidence to submit the case to the jury on the theory of murder in the first degree?’” Perry said. “The answer to that question is yes.”

Is his dishonor trying to say that Anthony was only trying to knock her daughter and gave her too much chloroform?   Even if that is the case, Anthony should never have administered that to her young child. This dude should not be sitting on a bench with a gavel in his hand.

This bimbo is such a conniving degenerate that she tried putting the blame of her daughters death on her father. She is an extreme example of what a overly pamper, spoiled brat can turn out to be.

This poor excuse for a human-being and her mouth piece knew exactly what they were doing throughout the trial; including her wearing tight blouses and accentuating her boobs to distract all the horny bastards on the jury. This little show was put on several times a day by the exhibitionist.

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Antics like this display, were all part of the scheme that allowed this brutal bitch to get away with killing her little girl; all because this precious little girl was getting in the way of MOTHER’S partying.


Based on all the evidence against her; it is beyond comprehensions that she walked away clean.  It seems like the wacked-out judge and the mesmerized jury were the only people on the planet that didn’t think she was guilty.

I have not made up my mind yet as to whether there is a heaven or hell but if there is not, I would hope the guy who controls things should make a special exception for her and her ambulance chaser.

There is some serious conversation that this puttana paid for her defense using one of the oldest means of bartering in the world.


I do not know the law by any means, but I would think that the judge, if he knew she was guilty, could have intervened and over-turned the jury’s verdict.

I just hope that Mr. Karma isn’t AWOL when it is time for this puttana to pay the fiddler.

It would be very hard to find anyone as cruel and heartless as Anthony.


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