Quadruple WOW

When PDT gave his inaugural address, I gave him a BIG WOW. In last night speech to congress, I am giving The Man a quadruple WOW.

To the best of my knowledge and I have been around awhile, even watched JFK’s speeches; I have never seen anyone giving such an inspiring speech as PDT did last night. He means every word he says BIGLY.

I wonder if any the fools on the other side of the isle bothered to watch the reruns to see just how pathetic they looked when they would not stand for most of the ovations. I can bet there was a lot of pissed off democratic politicians at PDT when he singling out the democrats and pointing in their direct several times. Some of them are the same people that love Saturday Night Live and the Oscars. Fools of a feather fly together.

There was not one thing that I saw last night (maybe getting George Washington and Lincoln mixed up) that any sensible person could find fault with.

As I watched the face of some of the anti-Trump people, I could detect a small sign of reconsidering their positions. I even saw Bernie Sanders clap a few times.

I would be willing to bet there are many of them that want to jump ship but are afraid of the political backlash from their cronies. What is the sense in living in fear FOLKS. Make a move.

I will go so far as to say; PDT is the Savior of the American people by what he is attempting to do in all areas of the government, from stem to stern. PDT is going to go down in the history books as the people’s president.

It is astounding to me that a man that comes from where his has and can relate to ALL Americans the way he does.  As a matter of fact, from what I can see, he is leaning more toward helping the people in need instead of the wealthy people indeed.

This is so far removed from BAU in politics; people are watching him in awe with their mouths open not believing what he is saying without apology. There is now bullshit about The Man.

I watched Paul Ryan and the expressions on his face last night. Here is the guy that was arch enemies with PDT. It appeared to me he was flabbergasted, he could not believe what PDT was saying last night.

When I say the Savior, that is exactly what I mean. Not to be confused with religions.  If the person that ran against him was on that podium last night,  we would not have heard anything that even came close to what PDT is going to do for all Americans.

PDT has cut the imbillicle cord with doing BAU in DC.  He is setting new policies and the way the government operates, much to the dislike of many politicians but that does not move him in the least.

Just one of 100’s of issues that would have been our Waterloo was to follow Obama’s legacies. That is exactly what BB intended to do. Who else in their right mind would cut our military budget so severely that we are literally are having to scrounge for parts from weapons in the military junkyards to keep what we have operational? Even knowing that our two biggest threats in this world, Russia, and China are pouring billions into their military. Does that even begin to make sense??? Not from where I sit.  A gigantic fact of life, governing by PC standards does not get the job done.

FOLKS; don’t let anyone bullshit you. If Russia or China thought they could invade our country and get away with it, they would do it this afternoon.

Keep in mind what I have said repeatedly. The only reason we are NOT eating with chopsticks and eating Russian borscht is because of our military might. As we sit now, we are right on the brink of going either way. Let’s hope congress gives PDT the funds he is requesting. That will absolutely reinforce our position of strength in the world for many years to come.

If PDT’s opponent would have won; I will guarantee that within 8 years or sooner the USA would be a 3rd world country. That is exactly where it was headed.

One of the major scenarios I see. When PDT does fulfill some of his commitments to the America people and we dodge all of the bullets coming our way; the nay-says are going to still roll boulders at him because nothing ever happened. They will not give him the credit for preventing the incidents from getting off of the ground.

Why will he prevent many catastrophes in this country? Because he is going after the ENEMIES  of this country instead of waiting for them to come after us. A good defense is always a good offensive.

One of my pet recommendations that governs just about everything that controls our lives is EDUCATION. I have been preaching that for years. PDT made a point of bringing it up last night as a major part of his reconstruction.

Education is the absolute key to 95% or more of our social problems. Educate our young ones as soon as the see their first light. BUT, always the big BUT; the parents have to be educated first.

It will take 4 – 5 generations to turn it around but we have to start sometime and today is the day.  It took years for the 700-pound guy to get in such deplorable condition and he can not reverse it overnight. It will take a lot of hard work and dedication to get it back to where it should be.

Our society can not continue down the road to disaster. If this is not a good example of where we are and where we are headed, I don’t know what is.


It is like a cancer. Left unattended, it slowly overtakes us and the end results are not favorable.

If just 75% of the politicians would co-operate with PDT and support him; there is no telling just how great the United Sates can become again. He is offering what the USA needs on a silver platter to some people and they are turning their nose up to him.

Becoming great again is not any egotistical endeavor; it is for the betterment of this country and the world.

SUPPORT PDT; he is doing one hell of a job.

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God bless America – our president – our military personal – law enforcement and everyone else that has a hand in keeping America safe.  United we stand – divided we fall.


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