One reason only

The 20 biggest Oscar upsets of all time — and where the stunning ‘Moonlight’ win ranks

Where Moonlight ranks you ask? It should have never received the Oscar or even been nominated.

Because of the big squabble that was made by the black community about no black actors winning the Oscars for the last 2 years;  that is the only reason Moonlight got the nod. Simple as that.

The 2016 Oscars provoked an outpouring of bile when, for the second year running, there were no non-white acting nominees at all, inspiring the #Oscarsowhite tag which quickly began trending on Twitter.

Race, religion or national origin should never be a consideration as to who or what wins any award.


We can basically say that the powers to be with the Oscars caved into the pressure of the black community by giving the award to Moonlight. Instead of being so obvious, I would have

Instead of being so obvious, I would have much rather seen Fences get the award.  It was a very good movie and the acting was stupendous. Danzel did a great job.

If the Oscar vote-casters are going to capitulate, they should at least do a better job of covering it up.


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