He didn’t really say that???

George W. Bush: US troop pullout from Iraq ‘frustrated me


“I’ve heard both Presidents [Obama and Trump] say we’re going to degrade and defeat ISIS and I say ‘go get ’em’ because they can be degraded and defeated,” Bush added. “It’s very important, in my mind, that we do so, so that people know they can rely upon us and the people — not only governments but people on the ground.”

I do agree with GWB that ISIS can be defeated BUT, always the BIG BUT. A person in his position should not have an opinion. He and his side kick DC are the people that started this world wide crisis by illegally invading Iraq on March 30 2003.

If Iraq was not illegally invaded, the entire world would not have this disaster to deal with.  I am not saying it would not have come to a stand off sooner or later but GWB & DC are the ones that pushed the start button.

Saddam and Gaddafi  had the terrorists in their countries under control. They knew how to deal with them. Regardless of how they did it and by what methods they used,  the fact still remains that Saddam and Gaddafi took care of  business. The rebels were deathly afraid of them.

muammar-gaddafi-m              th.jpg

In my opinion the wars in the Middle East were started for profit.

Soooo; I don’t think  a person who was so heavily entrenched in the engineering of that quagmire should be able to have an opinion on how to end it.

The HOLY WARS in the Middle East have been going on for 1,000’s of years and will continue to go on for 1,000’s of more years. There will never be peace here.


When I read this a couple of years ago, I could not believe it.

Read this news clip and come to your own conclusion. I think you know what mine is.


To me, that takes giant goolunies to demand payment for a situation he was responsible for.  He and his henchman are the ones that put these poor mangled up, disfigured, some invalid for life, vets where they are, then has the nerve to demand to get paid to go speak at their facility.

It can’t be because they need the $oldi. So what else  can it be??? The need for greed???

I would like to know who the hell sent out the invitations??


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