Curiously George

Clooney uses Cesar award to warn about hate in age of Trump

At every opportunity that presents itself, some celebs or some stumble-bum never miss an opportunity to take pop shots at PDT.

Mr Clooney seems to be a little confused with his assertions.


George Clooney used the stage at the 42nd Cesar awards, France’s equivalent of the Oscars, to criticize U.S. President Donald Trump, without directly calling him out by name.

It is not bad enough Looney runs his mouth in the USA, he even goes across the pond to make a fool out of himself.

Receiving an honorary Cesar on Friday, Clooney said that “citizens of the world” must work “harder and harder not to let hate win.”

What may I ask does he think he has been doing with his relentless criticism of the president?  Geo (that is what his close friends call him) has been on the soap box trying to shoot down PDT ever since he beat BB. If that is not hate; what is?

He said that “the actions of this president have caused alarm and dismay amongst our allies and given considerable comfort to our enemies.

I don’t know what news this guy is reading but I see it an entirely different way.  To start with, OUR ALLIES, who have been taking the USA to the cleaners for decades (it is the USA’s fault) are deeply concerned that the party and the handouts are over. They are correct. The handouts are going to either be stopped or cut dramatically.

As far as the enemies of the USA, I think their skivvies are filled with brown marks. They are all crapping in their 10 shitters because they know the days of I’M WARNING YOU are over.


If anything frosted my goolunies was the WARNING THING Obama and company were so good at.   We call them Wolf Tickets. Always barking and never biting. The entire world was laughing at the USA.


“The fault, he said, “is not really his” because fear was already present. “He merely exploited it, and rather successfully.”

Exploiting it? It just so happens that PDT is one of the few people in politics that recognizes the serious threats that this country faces, not only on our soil but throughout the world.  He isn’t exploiting any facts, just telling them like it is.

Thank goodness we have a president in office that is not ruling with blinders on and PC-sentiment. He can see the forest because of the trees.


Today;s headlines: 86% approval rating.

GOP gives Trump high rating in CPAC straw poll

I have to wonder if Curious George saw this before he misspoke? I forgot, he is on the other side of the fence.

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