Pathetic PC Popular Pronunciations

The following are some newly developed words that have infiltrated our language/society in an attempt to make it even more ridiculous than it already is. Political correctness (PC) is just another way of the ANTI people in this country being ANTI.  They are opposed to everything, including the way we have spoken for 100’s of years.
One deviation that I really like is ISIL instead of ISIS. That term is used by many of the FOLKS that put themselves a couple levels above everyone else. They think they sound important.
Recent additions to the category
  1. markspersonship
  2. stuntperson
  3. swordsperson
  4. bellperson
  5. garbageperson
  6. newspaperperson
  7. frontiersperson
  8. bondsperson
  9. policeperson
  10. dustperson
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  1. swordsperson
  2. horseperson
  3. salespersonship
  4. plantsperson
  5. parentally challenged
  6. yardperson
  7. middleperson
  8. schoolperson
  9. milkperson
  10. dustperson

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English terms used in an attempt to avoid causing offense.


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This website is even more detailed with some real zingers:

Just doing a quick scan of the words; the nitwitpersons that put this together, they left out a few critical words, like imbecilicperson, moronperson, nothingbettertodoperson.

There is a college in New York State where the students are not permitted to address the professors as Mr. or Mrs. because it is gender specific. This kind of nonsense makes me want to regurgitate. That must make me a reguritaterperson.


I have always been of the opinion if it is not broken don’t fix it. These words in the English language were conjured up by people who just want to draw attention to themselves. Very shallowpersons. They like to stand out in a crowd. There are to be referred to as specialshallowpersons.

There is really no harm and changing a few words but do these extreme amature lingoists really  know how redicilous they sound? Enough said.

I guess I’ll get busy and take my garbage can out so the garbage man can pick it up in his garbage truck this morning.  Or should I have said; I guess I’ll get busy and take my refuse receptacle out so the sanitary-engineer can pick it up in his refusevehicle this morning.


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    “Linguists”. Now I have a taste for, mussels and linguini.

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