New lows for NBC

Just like the starlets who find it necessary having to walk around half naked when their popularity is dwindling to get attention. The same thing applies to NBC that is a floundering news organization. Its popularity has diminished greatly in the last few years, to the extent they find it necessary to exaggerate the conditions in the United States to brainwash the kids into an anti-Trump mindset.

To what extent any news agency would stoop in order to keep your heads above water absolutely astounding.

One day history, it will show just how foolish and sometimes criminal some people are who are trying to bring down Donald Trump.  He is the first president many years that is really displayed his concern for all the American people, not just chosen few.

NBC has decided to display a new low in propaganda by attempting to instill fear young kids that are going to grow up hating The President of the United States and the country they live in. Anyone is that deceptive should be held to task or their spreading of FAKE or exaggerated NEWS.

FAKE or exaggerated NEWS like this can only bring them down further than they already are. What have the news agencies been trying to convince the America people of? There is no such thing as  FAKE or exaggerated NEWS.

Trash news like this an only hurt their credibility.

Whether the far left wants to admit it or not; it is still all about losing the election.



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