New Sherrif in town, new rules


Two headlines; two pieces of good news.

VIDEO: President Trump considers Guantanamo Bay expansion

Gitmo likely to stay open for business under Trump, say top aides

With a new sheriff in town, there will absolutely be a new set of rules. I think it is a very wise move to do what PDT is doing with Gitmo.


If the base was closed and the prisoners were relocated to the United States homeland, there are a different set of guidelines that would have to be initiated in order to protect their rights.  I say, based on who they are, they should not have any rights.

To start and end with, these detainees are not Sunday school teachers. If they were innocent and pure,  they would not be locked up.  They are criminals that are suspected of crimes against the United States.

As we can see Mr. O is not to be held totally responsible for the release of criminals from Gitmo. Overall, GWB may have played a bigger role in very illogical moves than Obama did. It is very hard to conceive that anyone how saw the track record of the released detainees would continue to open the gates for them.

It is very hard to conceive that anyone, especially in their capacity,  saw the track record of the released detainees and would continue to open the gates for them.  It is hard to put a label on their mentality. I do have a few labels in mind.

Washington Post

Closing the military prison at Guantanamo was a campaign promise of President Obama’s, and it has remained a point of contention throughout his time in the White House. Ninety-one detainees remain at the facility, with Obama having transferred out about 144, while President George W. Bush released 532 during his administration, according to U.S. officials.

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) said this month in its most recent report on former Guantanamo detainees that of the 532 detainees released by Bush, 111 of them are confirmed to have returned to terrorist activities. Twenty-nine of those are dead, 25 are back in custody and 57 remain free. An additional 74 of the 532 detainees are suspected of returning to the battlefield.

Thankfully, this is one area where Mr. O did not drop off another going away present before he left office as he had promised.

It is very gratifying to know that we now have a president in office and commanders in the field; THAT GETS IT!!

The caliber of people how were are dealing with have an entirely different mentality on human rights and wars tactics. If we do not deal with them on their level and above, they take it as a sign of weakness and ignorance.  Guess what folks? They are 110% right.

As we can see, PDT does not advertise his moves before he executes them.  Very good strategies.  The USA’s military moves have to be conducted like the stealth bombers. The enemy should not know we are there until after they are attacked and we are on our way home.


To all the boulder rollers out there. You should be very thankful we have a president that is taking it to the enemy, instead of waiting for them to put our lights out. A good offense is a great defense.



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