Freaky show

Worst dressed from awards season 2017

636231898689622474-gty-634975656-88738956                                636231898685410393-gty-634970360-88737276

Ga Ga looks like she didn’t buy the entire the outfit and Hasley looks like she is ready for the sack.

This should have been called a freaky show.

There are only a couple explanations for this kind of exhibitionism.  They are insecure – they thrive on attention – when their popularity is on the downward slope, they need to stand out in the crowd to keep their THING going again and strange as it seems, they may have a mental deficiency.

The kicker is, they all pay big money to look that ridiculous.

These are some of the people that are boycotting PDT’s wife’s clothing line. I suggest they shop with her instead of their local consignment shop.

index                  636231914196008668-xxx-ak2t1200-88730228-1

Door #1                                                       Door #2

I will let the public be the judges as to which door to pick.

These people are the trendsetters and influence what our younger kids do. We ask ourselves, why so much of the younger generation are so wacked out?  Well!!

Some of it may be all in fun but I have my doubts.


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