The art of living in denial

Riots erupt in Swedish capital

There are so many people in this world that have their heads stuck very deep into the sand; they can not see the forest on account of the trees and even refuse to admit there is a forest.

The president of Sweden has a very hard time admitting they have a severe problem.

What can possibly be the immigrants complaints? Sweden was kind enough to take them in and now they are trying to burn down their cities.

There are mountains of substantiated evidence that some illegal immigrants are responsible for a multitude of crimes in the countries where they have migrated to.  Some of the country’s officials have seen the end result of allowing undocumented people into their country and other are in denial that extensive problems exist. A PC/denial/bleeding heart mentality will only get people killed.  The issue has to be addressed head on.

It is all a matter of time; pay me now or pay me later. The payment later is going to be at a much higher premium. Nip a tree’s growth in the bud before it gets overgrown and too big to manage.

The actions that PDT is taking now will not necessarily correct a problem that will happen today but possibly next week, month or year. The government has to look at the big picture. If this out of control immigration continues, what will it look like 5 – 10 years from now.

I have alluded to many times how the Mexican government allowed the drug runners in their country to run rampant, assuming that their activities would eventually die out. That didn’t happen.

There are some cities and towns in that country that are totally run by the drug kingpins and the government is completely helpless to control the situation. Pay me now or pay me later.

Anyone in this world that does not see the potential threat there is to having unsavory immigrants admitted to their country, they have a serious mental block.

Out-of-control does not happen over night. It is like anything else that is left unattended; before we know it, it becomes too big to manage.

What PDT is doing is like an insurance policy. We buy it so we have it just-in-case we need it.



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