Got a short memory Johnny Boy

John Stossel: Trump, media should stop making things up:

The last time I remember Johnny Boy Stossel insinuated to someone that their profession was fake; this is the response he got.

The WWF wrestler “Dr. D (death)” David Schultz lost his sense of humor (if he ever had any) when Stossel asked him if wrestling is fake.


We have to be very careful who we throw stones at; as we can see, there may be some RIP-ER-CONSIONS or concussions as a result.

I saw this happen live on TV and thought it was pretty funny. Timid John got nailed so good he almost got his mustache slapped off of his face.


It seems that John did not learn his lesson. He better watch himself; if PDT was still just DT, he may get himself TKO’d again.

John Buddy; either learn how to protect yourself or quit making FAKE statements!!



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