Spin it the way you want it

Trump’s aides don’t want to admit the President is golfing:

Big news flash on CNN:

Trump’s aides don’t want to admit the President is golfing:

People can add their own spin to anything to make it as good or as bad as they would want people to believe.

Here is my spin on this extremely hot news. It is not if the president golfs but when he plays golf.  PDT loves the game and most probably uses it as a stress relief. I know left-wingers, what stress?


CNN: Just think how nuts you would be having to deal with people like yourself!

If there was a calamity somewhere in the country and he decides to go to the links, then he would be wrong. If all is well on the homefront and he decides to hack a few with some friends, what is the matter with that?

When PDT starts putting his handicap before duty, I will be the first one in the criticism line. I do not see that happening.

To CNN and all the other spies in the country; go occupy yourself with something constructive, like playing in the traffic on The Notorious 5 in LA at rush hour.




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