Friend or enemy??

Chris Wallace: Obama Didn’t Like The Media, ‘But He Never Said We Were An Enemy’

Whenever a person is super delicate that they carefully chose their words not to offend someone, that is called trying to be PC.  Exactly what Mr. O was; overly PC.  That can be a good thing and it can be  bad thing.

Personally, I like to know exactly where someone stands so there is no misgivings about their true feelings. That is where people like PDT come in. Possibly a little bold BUT, up-front and to the point.

After listening to PDT there is no question in any ones mind as to where PDT is coming from. On the other hand, not so much at the beginning of his presidency but further out, there seemed to be some confusion as to where he was coming from or what his messages were.

In the opinion of millions of people as well as mine, that no one wants to talk about; Mr. O got a very big pass on many issues because he was black. It is perfectly PC to criticize a white person but not PC to criticize a black person.

I say; take the color completely out of the equation and treat everyone equally. It’s that what society has been striving for?

Even Mr.O’s right hand man Eric Holder said; I am saying thing Mr. Obama wants to say but can’t. That may not be verbatim but close.

Being that the press was so easy on Obama, he had little to no reason to counter-attack the press and call them the enemy. On PDT’s side, this man has had nothing but grief from 98% of the media.

How else can PDT describe the far-left-media? Either a person is a friend or an enemy or is there an in between I don’t know about?  How about if PDT starts calling the boulder rollers the friendmeny? That way he has both sides covered.

Lets be realistic folks; if PDT stood on his head and was gargling peanut butter, someone in the media would say; well why isn’t he using jelly too.

There are some crack-pots in the world that can’t ever be pleased no matter what a person does. What do you do with them? Ignore them and maybe they will go away.

We all have to remember one thing in life. If someone likes you you can’t do anything wrong, if someone doesn’t like you you can’t do anything right


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