Dirty, dastardly, degenerate doctor

Ex-Olympian among US gymnasts claiming sex abuse by team doctor

This Nov. 21, 2016 file photo provided by the Michigan Attorney General's office shows former USA Gymnastics team doctor Larry Nassar. Nassar, who has been accused of sexually abusing gymnasts, was hit with a new lawsuit filed in federal court in western Michigan on Tuesday, Jan. 10, 2017, by 18 women and girls who say they were molested by him, mostly at his clinic at Michigan State University. (Michigan Attorney General's office via AP, File)


Here we have very sick doctor named Larry Nassar. Nassar who has been accused of sexually abusing multitudes of female gymnasts can be classified a pedophile, child molester, pervert, degenerate and a demented bastard.

On Tuesday, Jan. 10, 2017, he was accused by 18 women and girls who say they were molested by him, mostly at his clinic at Michigan State University.  All of the accusers came forward to put the hammer to this creep. I know where they should use the hammer.

It turns out, they are not the only people who have been abused by Nassar. Some estimates are, that during his reign of molesting, he used his well develpoed Svengali methods on as many as 60 females.


Three former elite U.S. gymnasts, including 2000 Olympian Jamie Dantzcher, have come forward saying they were sexually abused by a former doctor currently facing trial on a separate matter.

The kicker is, this creep got away with his sexual molesting game for nearly 3 decades before being charged.

When this worms home was raided, there were droves of videotapes of child pornography stashed in different locations found.

Naturally, Nassar pled not guilty to all charges.

As we would expect, there were others that knew of the dirty, dastardly, degenerate doctor’s antics but did nothing about it. USA Gymnastics President Steve Penny and others have been named as a co-defendant in Dantzscher’s civil suit. The suit says the organization negligently suppressed, concealed or failed to disclose knowledge that Nassar had engaged in sexual conduct with team members. Nassar’s attorneys have denied any wrongdoing by the doctor. Does Penn State ring a bell?

Does Penn State and so many other situations ring a bell?  If some of the SILENT  OBSERVERS would have come forward in similar cases, the casualties may have been cut by 95%.  Because of their allegiance to the institution, their stupidity and a blind-eye, degenerates like Nassar continues to prey on their victims for years.  As far as I am concerned, they are NEARLY as culpable as the offenders.

It seems hard for people to understand that these girls and ladies were so mesmerized by this guy that they were hesitant to say anything about it. They saw this well-respected doctor, power figure in Women’s Olympics as a friend, mentor and a father figure. To them, would their father do anything like this to them?

There is so much of this going on in sports and other activities where these creeps have easy access to kids. They look at it like a human buffet and many times, that is their motive for getting involved in that particular area.

Some of the other possible co-conspirators in this sad case is Béla Károlyi and his wife Marta. These task-masters own a facility that trains young athletes for the Olympics. The remarkable results they have attained, without a doubt are amazing but at what cost to the students. Some people have described their training there to be as brutal a Stone Cold Steve Austin’s obstacle course. That is not necessary for great results. Firm yes, brutal no.  It is very difficult that they were so closely associated with this vermin that they did not know what he was up to.


For years it has always been a concern to me how these young ladies are being handled by their coaches. In many cases, it appears to be almost unnatural and way beyond what a coach and student’s relationship should be.

This is a great article on the subject:


There has to be so many more incidents that go unreported.

To start and end with; where there are children and young adults involved,  it should be a written federal law that it is absolutely prohibited for any examinations or closed-door train be allowed without a second responsible party present.  This will serve as a double-edged sword by protecting the student from degenerates and will protect the teacher from false accusations.


A word to the wise should be sufficient.


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