Open your eye and ears Mc

McCain says in order to ‘preserve democracy’ we can’t stifle media

It appears that Senator McCain is just as deeef as the rest of the boulder rollers.

Does McCain have a beef with PDT? Absolutely yes but that is old news and history. Yesterday was yesterday, tomorrow is tomorrow.

Anyone that can claim the liberal news media is not against PDT is blind as a bat and as deeef as a dork.

All The Man is asking for is a fair shake. Report the news as it actually exists. No one wants to dictate to the media on what they report, it is how they report some of the stories that are straight out lies, out of context and absolutely fabricated. Other than that, they do a hell of a job.

I don’t ever recall PDT claiming that ALL of the news is fake.  No fair-minded person can take sides with the media and say they report the news 100% of the time with accuracy. The media has survived for years on sensationalism by exaggerating or embellishing the news to make it more spicy. Bland news does not sell papers.

The liberal news media is bound and determined to sink PDT’s ship. They are making it up as they go. I have news for them. He is one resilient person.


ACTUAL STORY: President Donal Trump is taking off for the week and getting a little R&R at Key Larg after a couple of tough weeks.

LIBERAL MEDIA: It has been reported by one or our most reliable sources that Donald Trump said he has had enough harassment for a lifetime and has abandon his presidential office for good. He was seen leaving the country, disguised as a blond hair Muslim flying coach on an undisclosed airline. More to follow.

That is how they roll folks.

I thought I was sure all Americans were after the same thing; the betterment of our country in all areas. This is what THE MAN is attempting to do but there are factions out there that were forced to eat too many sour apples and they do not like the taste of them. They can not and will not accept the fact that PDT beat Hillary fair and square.

I know I am being redundant BUT, always the BIG BUT. If these crape hangers did not have an issue with Wild Bill Clinton; why do they have a problem with PDT doing exactly the same thing? It is total hypocrisy.

The law clearly states; what both men were attempting to do is 100% legal. Yet we have some bleeding hearted 9th circuit court interpreting the law the way they want to, instead of the way it was written. This issue alone seems to be the biggest hang up the boulder rollers have with PDT. BUT, if it was not this, I am certain it would be something else.

I don’t know how many people watched PDT in Florida yesterday. Any person that tries to discredit this man for not being 100% is a fool!! I have not seen any president in decades or for that matter ever, relate to the public as PDT does.


Folks, THE MAN is 100%. Support him.


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    McCain, was only a pilot who managed to get himself shot down. Then he consorted with the enemy. Today, he’s still not too bright, and he continues to consort with America’s enemies. The president needs to drop on him like a ton of brick.

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