What a lady

This lady is one in a billion or possibly more:

Whoever said that an 80-year-old woman can’t put most men to shame in the gym, no matter how young they are?
Don’t tell Ernestine Shepherd that. She defies nearly every physical stereotype for an 80-year-old woman. For one thing, she’s ripped. In fact, she’s a record-holding bodybuilder who spends more than 30 hours each week exercising. But get this: she didn’t so much as pick up a dumbbell until she was in her 50s! Now she’s training other women and completely embodying her nickname, “Granny Six-Pack.



Ernestine is an anomaly.  She has accomplished what the majority of people can only dream of. Why; because all other human beings are not physically constructed like she is.  I order to achieve her physical level, a person must have the basic physical attributes to work off of and the majority of us do not. The strongest attribute she has going for her is discipline.


Don’t forget; this is an 80-year-old lady!! WOW

That is not to say, if a person so desires, they can work toward that goal of excellence but chances are they will never reach that plateau.

Ernestine should serve as a role model to all the people in the world that want to improve themselves physically. All they have to do is get off the couch or their camel and do something.  Doing just something, as little as it may be, is a lot better than doing nothing at all.

Keep up the good work Ernestine. Hope you live in good health as long as you want to.

Get down LADIES and give me 20. Get them butts down and slap that kitty litter with those boobs.


It is not how long we live but how well we live.


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