His name is Donald Duck and he don’t give a …..$@%

I have done a lot of soul-searching on behalf of PDT and at times during his campaign, I was, like he was and many others were, not sure if he would beat what’s her name.

The fact of the matter is he did beat her, regardless how he beat her, he beat her and did it his way.

The man makes no apologies, which in some cases I think he should have – he shoots straight from the hip, a good thing – he tells it like it is, a good thing – gets a little flustered sometimes and goes haywire, not a good thing – says a lot of things before giving them any thought, not a good thing – BUT, the BIG BUT, his name is Donald Duck and he don’t give a *%^# what people think or say.  In his mind he is doing what is the right thing to do for the American people, that will eventually affect all the people in the world.

There are some people who use the words republican and Donald Trump in the same sentence.  PDT may be a lot of things but he is not a republican. If he is not the purest example of an independent thinking person and not a politician, then I don’t know who is, next to yours truly.


PDT is going to continue to conduct himself during the rest of his presidency as he has up to this point but I must say; he has mellowed along the way.  It was hard to tell that yesterday.  He can be just as pleasant and as nasty as he has to be depending on the circumstances. A very good attribute to have.

My definition of a politician:  a person that is seeking public office or that holds a public office who kowtows to everyone for the sake of their political advancement and financial gain.

That in no way shape or form defines PDT. He doesn’t need the $oldi – is his own man, doing it his way and is willing to take the lumps even if he is wrong. He won’t always admit it but he will take the lumps and marches on. His Name is Donald Duck and he don’t give a ^$%*@.


Throughout the history of the USA, we have never seen any president get down and dirty with the fake media as PDT did yesterday. If anyone wants to challenge him, what we witnessed yesterday was just the tip of the iceberg.  He is not going to take any shit from anyone.

If the media is smart (very doubtful) they will learn to be fair with PDT and he will do the same in return. As he said yesterday; he does not have a problem with anything the media writes about, as long as it is the truth.  What can be fairer than that??

The greatest difference between PDT and the rest of the people he is associated with; he doesn’t worry about being re-elected; because his name is Donald Duck and he don’t give a %$*&

When I say he doesn’t give a %&#@, I do not mean he will not do a phenomenal job, I mean he doesn’t care what people says or thinks about him.  He is bringing with him his 40 years of doing hard-nosed business deals, a very tough hide and can not be easily rattled.

Get used to it you Remington Raiders; it is a long road ahead of you.  Those of you that have any sense will be more conciliatory with PDT. You will probably be amazed on how nice and approachable the man can be.

BIG CLUE for the  Media: leave his family out of it. This is his personal battle. Only a coward would pick on someone to get even with someone else.  Those of you that are the offenders should be ashamed of yourselves but I know you are not.








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