Netanyahu: US, Israel have ‘grand mission’ to confront Iran threat

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told Fox News’ “Hannity” Thursday night that his country and the United States have a “grand mission” to confront the threat of a nuclear Iran.

“They want to have [intercontinental ballistic missiles] that can reach your country. That’s what they’re working on right now. Remember, you’re the Great Satan [to them],” Netanyahu said. “They believe that they’re destined to govern the world. Anybody that doesn’t agree with them, they’ll be able to subjugate or kill, and they’re working on the means to achieve that.”

To me; this sounds like someone that is suggesting that military action be taken against Iran immediately, if not sooner. Bad idea.

Looking back in history, I would say that Isreal has been on of the primary reason the USA has been so committed in the Middle East.

Business Insider

Here’s How Much America REALLY Spends On Is in Israel’s  Defense//

 Military aid to Israel: $2.775 billion in 2010, $3 billion in 2011, $3.07 billion in 2012 (and $3.15 billion per year from 2013-2018)

That is some serious $oldi.

Why is the USA so heavily ingrained in Israel affairs? Because of their strong ties in the USA, big money people and their powerful lobbying groups.

I agree that Israel is located in a very strategic location in the Middle East and is very vulnerable but should the USA be AS committed to them as we are?

I know that PDT is a very savvy man and I don’t think Netanyahu can talk him into anything such as a grand mission BUT, always the BIG BUT, unfortunately, we always have to be on our toes and don’t trust anyone.

As a mythical wise man once said:


Another mythical wise man once said:

Keep your eye on the hog and your finger on the trigger.


Those two words grand mission give me an uneasy feeling.

Always food for thought.


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  1. Brittius says:

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    It behooves America, and the Western world, to have Israel, exactly where it is, and in tact. Sir Winston Churchill, knew what he was doing. when he correctly invented modern Israel, which is strategically located in the Middle East. Concerns were over keeping the Suez Canal open, because the Arab nations have always been unstable politically. Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East, though recently, Egypt under the stewardship of Abdel Fattah Saeed Hussein Khalil el-Sisi, has been very good and moving Egypt towards democracy and, closer in friendship with Israel. Maritime commerce via the Suez Canal, if, every shutdown by Arab nations would cause shipping from the Persian Gulf (oil), and Eastern countries (general goods) to go around Africa to the Atlantic Ocean, adding to time of delivery and added expense of circumnavigating.

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