Give credit where it is due

Ladies and gents. As we all know, ever since PDT raised his right hand and took the oath of office, the stock market has gone up 2.7 trillion dollars; that is  T, not a B or an M but a big T. Those are some very serious numbers.

It is no secret, the stock market does not discriminate. It will take a democrats, republicans, independents, white or black, Trump lover or Trump haters $oldi and not blink an eye.

I would have to assume that even the anti-PDT’s folks have to be elated with the markets success! BUT, always the BIG BUT, they will cop a plea that Obama was the one the got the ball rolling before he left office and that may be somewhat true.  BUT.

IF Bill’s bride would have got the nod instead of DT, there is a lot of big money people out there that says the market would have taken a nose dive. I have to agree.

There is a lot of negative opinions behind what would have happened if Hillary got the nod.  No one can say for sure BUT, the fact that PDT is revolutionizing the way of doing business in this country where the little guy counts, cutting taxes, is simplifying the red tape of getting into business, or of doing business, that without a doubt is the fuel behind the success of the big numbers.

Even Nan could figure this one out. Ding Dong!


As ridiculous as the dissenters make themselves look, they should be very thankful the DT won the election and he is implementing the promises he made to make America great and successful again. Some of the jokers have and are making a bundle so far.

Hats off the PDT. Let us all hope he can keep the wheels of success turning at break-neck speed.


To the anti-Tump people; give credit where it is due.




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