Big deal or possibly little deal


Does anyone really care anymore? I would say, not many.

Kate Upton goes topless for her third 'SI' Swimsuit Edition cover

It used to be that a man got a bigger thrill out of seeing a lady expose 75% of her legs or not wearing a bra; leaving the rest to their imagination.  So what the hell is the big deal with going topless?

I say, all the women in the world should go around topless. In a month or two, no one will even pay attention to them. That will serve a multitude of purposes, none that I can say are bad. It will shut down most of the smut magazines and prevent some of the wanna-bee, exhibitionist starlets make fools of themselves.

I can tell you right off that bat, there will droves of them that will go from filet mignon to eating Dunkin Donuts in less than a month.What can be the downside?

I can name a couple of families right off the bat that would suffer the most. I do not want to mention their last name. I will leave that up to Barbara. She hit the nail right on the head, or was it the boob?



This is what some people consider talent.

It is totally amazing the fascination that has been created over the centuries with boobs!

Since I absolutely believe in equality, the men should take it all off too. That would play hell with the shirt and blouse industry.


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