Officials – stick your finger in the dike

California dam managers brushed off threats of flooding 12 years ago

What is new in government? Does anything ever change?  Irresponsibility and no accountability go hand in hand.


For 12 year environmental activists in Northern California have been WARNING officials there was a potential threat as to the stability of the Oroville Dam. The state and federal officials brushed off the concerns as they do some many other critical issues. It is common knowledge that officials concerns only peak after the fact, point the finger at someone else.


At 770-feet, Oroville Dam is the nation’s tallest; located  70 miles north of Sacramento. Can we even begin to imagine the calamitous consequences if and when this thing let’s go completely?

Naturally, Gov. Jerry Brown said (the same guy that runs a illegal-sanctuary city) he never hear about the structural problem of the dam and said public officials depend on the recommendations of their engineers. They tell us what we need and we do it. That is not the same tale the engineers have been telling for 12 years.

Is that typical answer of a politician or what?  Let’s be gracious and say that Brown is not telling a big brown lie, which I doubt. How many people who work for him should have told him about the problem? This is not just a pothole in the street that needed attention.

Now, because of the negligence of many bull-shitting officials, there is a threat to the structure of the dam, that impacts 200,000 people who had to be evacuated.

This fact is, most prevalent with the people employed by the government, city, state and federal; they don’t care. They are never held responsible/accountable for their screw-ups. When they foul up enough, they are either promoted or hidden somewhere in a concrete bunker until they retire.

Should anyone’s head be on the chopping block for complacency like this? I would say so. But it never happens.

This very same scenario applies to all the infrastructures in this country that are hanging on by a thread; especially bridges. What these overpaid, under-worked fools will do is to wait until there is another major catastrophe somewhere in this country before they make a move.

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The USA Today reported in 2013: over 65,000 U.S. bridges in need of repair. An Associated Press analysis of 607,380 bridges in the most recent federal National Bridge Inventory showed that 65,605 were classified as “structurally deficient” and 20,808 as “fracture critical.”Sep 15, 2013.

Structurally deficient in layman’s terms means; ready to fall apart. Has anyone got off their political ass yet and made a move?? 

This is one of the many things that burns my ass. The USA  government’s  MO of doing business is; take ALL the food out of their refrigerator and feed the rest of the world while its citizens are starving, metaphorically speaking. Makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it??

Hopefully, the New Sheriff and his Deputy will come through with their promises to put America first. They  are sure trying but the courts have to take the handcuffs off the men if they want them to swim.


The election is over. Lazarus and Jesus are the only ones (if you believe it) that have ever resurrected. Hillary does not stand a chance.

images-4           images

Politics, in general, have been corrupted and complacent for so long, it is second nature to the crooks that sit in those seats.  They don’t know any other way of doing business.

Will things ever change? Who the hell knows. All I do know is, the American people’s lives are in the hands of these incompetant people.



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