Where the North and the South collide

Trump set to meet Canada’s Trudeau at the White House

Today there is a big pow wow at the Casa Bianca between the 2 T’s. Will the southern T trump the northern T or visa versa?

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For the sake of simplicity, in this post I will refer to Trudeau as NT and PDT as ST. Makes it a lot easier on my fingers.

NT comes for from a long line of liberals. NT’s father Pierre was the prime minister for 16 years back in the 70’s and 80’s.  NT rules in Canada much like his father did, very liberal.


Which system is better we ask. That all depends on who we talk to and how truthful they are.  If we could take the best from each of the philosophies, put them in a big bowl and thoroughly mix them up, that would probably make a good combination.

NT got along with our previous president Mr. O because they both were very liberal-minded and basically had the same values. This will not be the case when NT and ST meet today.  The men are distinct opposites on most major issues.

One of the biggest differences of opinions is the immigration problem. NT says he will accept all of the illegals (if illegals are illegal, why are permitted into some country) that the USA is deporting. I think that is a very foolish move.

If, by ST’s move to deport the illegals that do not measure up to American vetting and only one life is saved by preventing some terrorist or nut case to side through the cracks, isn’t that reward enough?

Let us ask all of the liberals, what would their opinion be if any illegals did not qualify and killed one of their family members, would that be acceptable?

This is not hog wash, they are facts.


Should facts like this be reason enough to vet the hell out of these people before granting them asylum? ST is not closing the doors to the decent immigrants, he is only trying to take out the trash.

Love, compassion and generosity are great attributes; BUT always the BIG BUT. It has been my experience in life that there is a particular breed of people that mistakes kindness, generosity, and compassion for ignorance and stupidity.

I hate to quote Scar Face; I would not consider him one of the scholars of our time. BUT  in the crude manner he was notorious for, he hit the nail on the head

images-4              download (1).jpg

It is a proven fact that over the long haul ultra-liberal governments do not work properly. A big factor, in my opinion, is; much of depends on the population/mix of people of the country is dealing with them.

It is no secret that Canada has a much different class of people than the USA does. It appears that the USA, because of its racial and social problems has a much more violent class of people than Canada does.

What my work for Canada may not necessarily be a fit for the USA.

It always has amazed me that we are so different from our northern cousins and all that divides us a very thin imaginary line and a few AYE’s and aboots.


How can two countries be so closely connected and have such drastic differences between them?

NT is not used to dealing with a person like ST. He has been accustomed to dealing with a person in the Casa Bianca that share his mentality, Mr. O. The meeting between the two men today should be very interesting and productive.

ST is famous/infamous for his negotiating skills; I am sure that everyone will come away from the dinner table happy campers.






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  1. Brittius says:

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    Old Sicilian Saying (as stated by Al Capone in substance), “People, misjudge, kindness, for weakness. Don’t make that mistake.”

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