Bizzzzzzzarrrrrrr or what???????

Jerry Sandusky’s Son Jeffrey Arrested On Child Sex Abuse Charges

Jeffrey Sandusky allegedly asked a child to share naked photos with him over text message.

My initial reaction when I read this was; HOLY SHIT!!!

Is it incredible or what that this kid who is the adopted son of the pervert Jerry Sandusky; (AKA The Penn State Mauler), turned out to be a mentally disturbed as his old man, providing this information is correct.

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According to the testimony of Jeffery, at the time of his father’s trial, Jerry Sandusky adopted this young man for nefarious reasons, so he had easy access to the kid to molest him.

Now years later, we have this same person that grew up under those horrible circumstances, turned into a pedophile himself. Once again proving that the apple does not fall far from the tree or if you live with cripple you most certainly will limp.

Still to this day Jerry Sandusky has denied any involvement in molesting the boys at Penn State.

I am positive that the upbringing that this young man receive from his adopted, degenerate, scumbag old man had a direct effect on the development of his character/personality.

This is absolute proof that the majority of kids are products of their environment. This is a great example of why it is so important for the parent to be good role models.

I hope Jerry is proud of how he screwed up yet another person life.  Being in denial; how could he have any remorse for his actions.



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