90 million was not enough

TSA workers helped Puerto Rico-based ring smuggle $100M of cocaine, prosecutors say

Prosecutors in Puerto Rico have smashed a ring of current and former U.S. Transportation Security Administration workers that allegedly smuggled 20 tons of cocaine worth as much as $100 million into the U.S. over more than a decade.

As far as I am concerned, there should be special/more severe punishments for people in high-profile positions or areas of trust that break the law because they have access to avenues not available to the common, pedophile, thief, killer or crook.

In the case of the Porta Rican TSA workers, they were like kids in a candy store that couldn’t get enough of their PRODUCT.

How much is ever enough for a thief?

They are like a person that win the first time they go to a casino.  It was so easy, they keep pushing their luck, going for the big score and eventually wind up in the soup line or in the slams.

The major problem with a thief is; # 1 they are a thief; # 2  they are greedy.  As far as I am concerned, they all get what they deserve and what is coming to them, especially the drug pushers.

Do they ever stop to consider just how many lives they destroy peddling their crap?

The younger kids see these bums in their big cars, wearing the BIG BLING  and all trappings that goes along with being a drug pusher, and they can’t wait until they grow up just like them.

What they see is, why should they work under the Golden Arches for 8 bucks and hour when they can make  1,000’s a day or more.

I give all the people that work in those small paying jobs all the credit in the world for sticking it out.  In this day and age of great temptations, it is not easy to walk the straight and narrow.

One of the major hurtling blocks in the vetting process for people that work in places like the TSA, many times the interviewers are bigger criminals than the people they are vetting.

I used to think there was an answer to all the problems in the world, then I woke up to reality.



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  1. Brittius says:

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    Violating a Public Trust, and Official Misconduct, are charges added to, all of the criminal charges. If on-duty, then, Theft of Service, because people are paid to work and not paid to do crime, then they forfeit all pension and other benefits, on top of all the criminal charges. If a security clearance is involved, then there is an extra set, of criminal charges. If charged federally and convicted, there is no parole, and sentences served independent of any other charges convicted on. Heavy duty time involved.

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