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Huge Surge in Americans Renouncing U.S. Citizenship After Trump’s Election
As the old saying goes; Love it or leave it.
I do not see anything wrong with any person giving up a citizenship anywhere in the world.  We were all born with a free will and should be able to exercise it.
BUT, always the BIG BUT.  We can not always have our cake and eat it too.  If a person surrenders their citizenship, they should not be able to make money in or return to that country anytime their little heart desires. Either they are a patriot or not.
What purpose does it serve if someone abandons their country but is allowed come and go as they please or make as much money as they can?
It is like allowing some or a group of people to occupy your house of the rest of their life rent-free. The eat there, sleep there, use the utilities, bring their friends in and out,  come and go as they please but never pay any rent. That sounds like a pretty good arrangement.
That is one of my major complaints of some American people. Many want all the benefits the country has to offer but they do not want to support it.
The patriotism in the USA has sunk to sub-basement level in the past few years. All of the demonstrators are not helping the cause any.
When in my lifetime did I ever think I would see such nonsensical issues being debated as to: who pisses where, or if students should or should not call their professors  Mr or Mrs. because it is gender specific. ??  INSANITY!!!!
These are just 2 of the 1,000’s of common-sense issues that are being protested today. It is an absolute waste of time money and emotion. 
To put the icing on the cake, we have federal judges that agree with this malarky.
This PC nonsense has gotten so out of hand, I don’t know if we are ever going to get back to a NORMAL society.
So I do encourage everyone that has a big problem with the USA to get their hats or bonnets and God’s speed to them, BUT, always the BIG BUT,  leave and don’t come back. 
One thing that has puzzled me for years. Don’t these demonstrators ever work or go to school? Where the hell do they get all of this spare time to march and how supports them financially?  If the marchers had some responsibilities and something constructive to do with their lives, they could not be out there shaking the tree.
As a parting gift, I dedicate this song to all of the impending travelers. 

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  1. Brittius says:

    Reblogged this on Brittius and commented:
    Maybe it’s more symbolic, because I have never seen nor heard of, any Official form, renouncing citizenship. I have heard of, attorneys, issuing letters of renouncement to courts but only valid through an attorney.
    I did hear about, I think twice, where pranks were played by people who wanted some kind of revenge, and wrote ugly letters in somebody else’s name, where renouncement of citizenship was done in order to get the person arrested and deported, which incidentally, did not work.

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