Long overdue

Defector: North Korea is turning against Kim Jong Un

I often wondered how long it would be before some of the military hierarchy band together in North Korea and send the kid Dick-Tator to the gallows? It is long overdue.


All the kid Dick-tator is, is a spoiled brat with some very powerful weapons at his disposal, and just might be nutty enough to use them.

He loves all of the luxuries of life but denies many of his people the basic necessities. In some places, the entire country is close to starvation while this guy is living like King Farouk.

download          images

One of the palaces                                           North Korean’s slums

Not much different from some places in the USA.

download-1       download-3

Pennsylvania Ave                                                      Slum USA

I guess it is universal.

Folks; people do not have to live like this anywhere in the world. It all stems from a combination of things, being mismanagement and greed from the political leaders. They are the captains of the ship and the people who steer the countries course. As long as they, their families and cronies are taken care of monetarily, that is all that matters to them.

Hopefully; there will be some drastic changes with the New Sheriff.

All of these scenarios revolve around one thing, the lack of EDUCATION. I am not talking about 2 + 2 = 4. I am referring to, teaching people the proper way to live, how to work, how to be independent and how to be respectful productive citizens so their future generations do not have to repeat this very unenviable way of life.

Our government should be concentrating on educating everyone from infancy so no one has to live under these conditions. I would agree it will take generations to turn things around BUT, always the BIG BUT, they have to start somewhere.

I would think that some of these world leaders would fell a little uneasy or guilty (not on your life) living the lifestyles they do when many of their SUBJECTS are existing in dire conditions.

According to this article, many of the North Korean people are: Not starving, but not well-nourished either.


The North Korean have been isolated for decades under this family’s rule and have no idea what-so-ever how the free world lives.


I would sincerely hope that the people of North Korea would someday overthrow their government and be able to enjoy some of the freedoms that the rest of the world does.


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