Destroying future generations

Whether the imbecile leaders of the far-left realize it or not they are creating panic and hysteria that is going to continue to trickle down through the generations.

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Many of the modern-day kids have evolved into very weak charactered people who can not cope with their daily life, let alone ANY adversity.  They have been spoiled to such degrees by the pathetic-PC-parents that many are virtually helpless to stand on their own two feet.

Some of the girls want to be boys, some of the boys want to be girls and many on both sides have become very delicate.  

I don’t see this that much in the black or Hispanic communities because many of them were brought up under hardship environments. That fact is, believe it or not, in a very unusual way, adversity develops a strong character.

I would say that the white families are the biggest offenders of pampering their brats. The easier a person has it growing up, the less they appreciate what they have.

Metaphorically speaking; when a kid fall down when they are young and they are immediately rescued by their parents. Consequently, they never develop the thick skin that is necessary to cope with life.  Helicopter parents are developing generations of weaklings and getting worse by the day.

Never in the history of politics or anything else has there ever been such an unnecessary, out of control spectacle. Do these fools that are leading the parade really understand the harm they are doing?  They are so self-centered, I don’t think they care.

The weeping-demonstrators remind me of the performances the North Korean people put on when one of their dignitaries. It is comical and ALL staged.

Is a total disgrace how some of the so-called influential people in show business, sports, and other high-profile positions are so juvenile with their anti-Trump game. It has become ridiculous to what degree the demonstrations and total chaos has risen to against PDT.

The man is trying to do what is best for the country in the long run, but the demonstrators are not smart enough to see it. Some of them are playing a get-back game with him by not supporting his daughter’s clothing line. Talk about juvenile!!

The only thing I haven’t seen is anyone do YET is, demonstrators, throwing a tantrum like  2-year-old,  banging their head on the floor when they don’t get their way.  That is next. Maybe they should, it might pound some sense into them.

I sit here in amazement when I read to what extent this crusade has risen to.  This is not normal behavior.

It may just be a rumor; the nitwit guy is the Big Apple is supposed to be fronting the cost (taxpayers money) for lessons on how to bang ones head on the floor in protest but not get hurt. Maybe a rumor???

What a piece of work this joker is. Talk about coddling and pampering these young adults?? Unfortunately, these same kids are going to be this country’s future leaders.

This entire scenario was spearheaded by the far-left and has nothing to do with Trump’s vivid past or his mannerisms; it is all about losing the election. Their mother died and they do not want to go to the funeral.

Much of what PDT is trying to do with immigration; Wild Bill Clinton did the exact same thing and we did not hear one peep out of the sheep.

The fools should chew on this:

What is their response to this?? There can’t be a logical one.

This extreme comment is one of the boldest ever quotes from Samuel Jackson that only showcases his character.  If this mother-fucker wins the election, I am going to move my black as back to South Africa. Most of his sheep loved it. Do we have double of triple or quadruple standards in the USA?? You bet we do.


Most of his sheep loved it. Do we have double of triple or quadruple standard in the USA?? You bet we do.

Can we even imagine the BLACK-LASH if some honky would have said something simliar about Mr. O?

I saw him last night on a live TV program; so I can assume he didn’t get his hat yet.

There were only two people, according to two scriptures that rose from the grave; they were Lazarus and the other one was Jesus. If you are a believer, it never happened before and it never happened again. All the fools that are waiting for Hillary to resurrect, forget about it.

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Let It go people.  Praying won’t even help.


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