No Class Nordstroms

It is a real testament, not a good one, to the ignorance of some of the people/companies like Nordstrom’s who are trying to get revenge on PDT by boycotting Ivanka Trump’s clothing line or getting back at his other kids in some way.


They are all acting like the little kid that had his ball taken away in the playground and is crying his eyes out. You guys lost the election; get over it already.


A second rate organization. 

All of the far-left fools have to grow up and start cutting out their infantile behavior. Actions like they are pulling only demonstrating their ignorance.

I would have more respect for Nordstrom if they would admit that they do not like Donald Trump and that is the reason they are not featuring his daughter’s clothing line instead of lying about it and making bigger fools out of themselves then they already are.

The day of eating crow is not far off when these people have to finally realize that PDT is on the up and up. Is he a little unorthodox?  I’ll say but a least he is trying to make a difference.


No one should ever be held responsible for their parent or relatives perceived faults. That one fact covers a very broad spectrum in our society.  Does reparation ring a bell?? Ding Dong!!


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2 Responses to No Class Nordstroms

  1. hocuspocus13 says:

    You know the retailer is going to have problems when…

    The women have cut up their cards 💳

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