They came a long way Baby

The years of the 2,000’s have brought in many different social changes and a different day and age.  Do we open the door for the lady or should she open it for us? Do we pull out her chair when she is being seating in an eatery or does she pull out ours? Do we pick up the tab or should she?? All good questions. I say; if you want to deal you have to shuffle.

One thing the men certainly should be conscience of is; do we challenge them to a fist-of-cuffs our not?  That is a question Tom Waes can answer better than anyone else.

The bout became reality through Waes‘ show Tomtesterom, which featured Waes taking on random goals ranging from getting into the Guinness Book of World Records to flying a homemade airplane to, in this case, becoming a professional boxer. The episode saw Waes train three months to take on a professional fighter (De Randamie) to see if he could, potentially, make it in the ring.

We all witnessed the outcome; Tommy boy got his ass kicked by a female UFC scrapper named Germaine de Randamie.

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Look at this pugilistic creature. She is scaring the shit out of me.  I have always maintained; never date a lady that can bench press more than you.

Although it was never my opinion, years back the ladies were referred to as the fairer and weaker sex.  They have come a long way baby.


I may be a little old fashion but it is hard for me to watch two ladies beating the crap out of one another in the UFC matches; especially when they are getting nailed in the boobs.

I guess the word progress can be defined in many different ways.  I certainly believe in women’s equality, so why not give them the chance to prove themselves in the ring or the octagon if that is their choice?

Talk about times changing. I remember way back, when some sex/personal related items were called Unmentionables. I would go to the neighborhood grocery store (before grocery chains) for my mother with a note in my pocket that I was not allowed to look at. The store owner went into the back room and came out with a double-wrapped package for me to take home.  We all know what it was, Kotex.

Today we have advanced or regressed so far, depending on who we ask. On Fox News website they have an article today labeled; What a healthy vagina looks like.  Are we supposed to stare at the vagina or look with one eye covered?  I think it is that too much information!

I find that an odd topic for a news story; What a healthy vagina looks like.  I thought articles like that were reserved for semi-smut magazines. I must be old fashioned.

Back to the lady in the ring. I say good for her of that is what she wants to do. All the ladies should be on equal footing with the men in all elements of business and in the sporting world, position wise and pay wise, providing they can fit the bill equally as the man can.

Personally, I know many men that can not do some tasks as well as some of the ladies can. Ask Tommy Boy.

I can bet that Waes has spent hours getting his goolunies smashed by his rappies.


I wonder if any of them would consider getting into the ring with Germaine?  NOT!!



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