Use a little common sense LADIES

USA Today

Trump bows to Russia again:

I think it is super hypocritical of the liberal news media trying to discredit PDT in his efforts to create common ground with the Judo guy. There absolutely has to be more positives for the sake of world peace than negatives.

Would the fools that try to undermine what PDT is working so hard to accomplish rather see the USA and Russia continue to be enemies?  If so, they need to see their shrink; they have a lot of screws loose in their attic.

They have nothing better to do than criticizing Trump for his attempt to strengthen our position in the world.  We do not have to like what Russia does and visa versa, BUT both countries should strive to get along.

As long as the relationship between the two men is on an equal level with respect and trust (trust being the key word) that should be the only consideration for their positions.

What can possibly be gained by the United States and Russia continuing their tumultuous relationship that they had through the years by remaining enemies?

Personally, I cannot see the downside to both men respecting each other and maintaining an amicable relationship. It would be for the betterment of the entire world.

It is not the USA’s position to pass judgment on how other world leaders run their country. Do we have to approve? Absolutely not BUT it is in our best interest to break bread with them, we don’t have to sleep with them.

Can anyone of the dissenters tell me what the upside to remaining enemies with Russia is? Their sour grapes keep falling off the vines.

Unfortunately; to some people in this country, no matter what DT does during his presidency they are going to find fault with it. Their sour grapes keep falling off the vines.


Is the man perfect? Far from it but which one of our past presidents was?

I can say one thing for certain. I much rather be in a foxhole with DT than with who our other choice was. No Names, please!!




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  1. Brittius says:

    Reblogged this on Brittius and commented:
    A closer observation needs to be directed at intelligence provided to, the president, as we see a military buildup at certain points, due to allegations against the Russian Federation, that appears baseless, but then why, NATO/EU/US/UK buildups? Something is transpiring behind the scenes which the common citizen is not privy to. Why a continued escalation of troops and armament since BHO left office? There is another dynamic layer to events and news, that is being concealed from people, for possibly a host of reasons. Think about it. We are not getting the complete story. Forget the crap the MSM and Democrats are pushing. The true situation, I suspect, is much more intense.

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