Sooner or later

Lake Michigan meteor lights up the sky in several states

Based on the conditions we are facing today with all of the upheavals around the world; if mankind does not self-destruct before, it is my opinion that THE END is going to come by way of the unwanted visitor from outer-space, a gigantic collision with an asteroid,  comet, meteor or some other outer space mass.


There are millions of them zooming around outer space that can blast us at any time. Some of the masses are watched closely by scientists but a good percentage of them go totally undetected.  They are called rogue comets or asteroids.

One of the most brilliant men that ever lived Stephen Hawking agrees with me or do I agree with him?


There has been some conversation through the years; if we have enough advanced notice before an impact, we can shoot missiles at the to alter their course or break them apart. The problem with blasting them apart is, instead of having one monster rock headed our way,  we now have 1,000’s of smaller rocks that can inflict as much damage or more.

If and when this impact takes place, the best place to be is ground zero. Go out with a blaze, because there will be nothing left of Mother Earth to survive on.

I think the survivalists that spend outrageous amount of money for fall-out shelters, for a just in case are very foolish. We all are going to die someday, so why not with THE BIG ONE?


Let us assume that they can survive for 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 years. The big question is; then what?? All of mankind, the animals and plant life will be destroyed.  Better off going out in a blaze. It will be an event you can tell your great-grandchildren about. 

Have a very optimistic, happy, great day.  Always enjoy the next steak you eat, it may be your last. Make mine medium rare. Hold the War-chester-sauce.

download-1                download-2

Now don’t sit around and sulk for the rest of the week. If the big bang is eminent, there is nothing we can do about it.

If and when that event takes place; this is the one time EVERYONE on Mother Earth is equal.  We won’t have to worry about how much $oldi anyone has – what kind of car they drive or where they live – who the Ma Ma and Daddy is – what color their skin is – what prestigious schools they went to and what political persuasion they are. None of it will matter.  WE WILL ALL BE EQUAL; SHIT OUT OF LUCK.  That will certainly level the playing field.

Have a great day. No; getting under your bed will not save you.

You want it straight from the hip; you got it!!


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