Never count out Bill-a-check!!

That PERFORMANCE  of the Saints is what can be called; KICKING ASS AND TAKING NAMES.

To make a comeback as they did, being down 25 points at one time is incredible.

What more can be said? Except all of those questionable maneuvers Bill made through the years, paid off in spades last night.  Whoever said that crime doesn’t pay??

The game had to be the most exciting games I have ever watched.

Side note: I was very happy to see Ga Ga didn’t make a fool out of herself and follow the advice of some fools that wanted her to make a political statement against PDT.

She is a very talented lady and did a good job.  I will retract the BIMBO part.

She may have had a change of heart or was influenced by; I left my heart in San Francisco??


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