What really burns my ass

Huffington Post

Bill Maher Dissects Donald Trump’s Second Week In Power

You know what really burns my ass?? The hypocrites that are throwing stones at PDT.


Take a good look at all of the forerunners. Between them, they have so many skeletons in their closets, they all had to put additions on their houses to accommodate them.

I don’t want to go through the list, it is too long and a waste of time. I am wearing out my finger tips listing them. We all know who they are.

When President Donald Trump was the Citizen Trump, they all stood in line kissing his ass trying to get next to him and get some of that $oldi he has so much of. Now that he kicked the democrats’ ass in the election, he would have a hard time getting a bagel in some Jewish restaurants.

We have a new Sheriff in town that is going to make America and the world a better place to live in, even for the blind sheep that are constantly chopping him down.


NOTE: I think some of the people in the media that are plagiarizing me. I never heard of PDT referred to as the Sheriff until I did. Maybe a co-incident but I don’t think so. Get your own material FOLKS.

To all the fools in this country that have a loaf of bread under each arm and are still bitching; GROW UP  and get your evil heads out of where the sun does not shine.

The absolute primary reason of all the dissention is; THEY LOST THE ELECTION, nothing else.

Wild Bill said and did the exact same thing in 1995 and there was not one peep out of all the lost  sheep.


Time to move on fools. Look in your own closets and under your bed (gotta be a lot of stories there) before bad mouthing anyone else.


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