The Fairer of the Sexes???

Fairer of the sexes’ maybe but not the weaker.

There used to be a rule of thumb where I grew up with all the macho dudes in the neighborhood. Never date a broad (Old school term said with respect) that could beat you in arm wrestling.

What we have here is a lady named Jennifer Thompson who not only will beat most of the men in the world arm wrestling, she bench presses bench presses 325 pounds; stands 5′ 5″ and weighs only 138 pounds. She is one bad assed chick.

For the record, she benches 187 pounds more than she weighs. Astounding accomplishment.


Thompson not only kicks ass on the bench press, she also can squat 555 pounds and holds 515 pounds over her chest for 10 seconds.

Topping it off, Jenny is not too hard to look at either.


She does not look like one of those old-time Russian broads from yesteryear who had to get a short arm inspection before each event to see if they had a set of goolunies.

espw02apd                   How do you feel about gender testing, Semenya?

I would have to classify Jenny Thompson as Super Lady and Wonder Woman combined. One kick ass lady.

images-8                                    download-3

If she is married, I wonder who does the cooking and washes the windows??

FYI: In a recent study, it has been concluded that only 18% of the men in the world can bench their own weight. If I had to guess, I would think it is a lot less.



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