So you wanna go to Mars

How one-year mission affected astronaut’s health

Anyone that believes some day mankind will permanently inhabit Mars must be sniffing too much Space Dust.

Can a trip to the Red Planet be achieved???  Possibly but the odds against it are tremendous. One organization doesn’t seem to think so.

Scott Kelly is living proof of what stress and changes the body goes through with extended time in space.


Scott Kelly and his twin Mark

Scott experienced declining bone formation, but levels of a healing hormone that helps with bone and muscle health increased, most likely due to all of the exercises astronauts perform in space every day to combat bone and muscle loss. His levels of the stress hormone cortisol remained normal, but he had a spike in inflammation soon after landing on Earth — most likely because of the stress of re-entering the atmosphere.

His mission was relatively simple. All he had to do was float around in space for a year.

For the ultra-adventurous people that want to go the Mars; according to NASA, a vessel with humans on it would take roughly six months to travel to Mars and another six months to travel back from Mars. In addition, astronauts would have to stay 18-20 months on Mars before the planets re-align for a return trip. In all, the mission would take roughly 2 1/2 years.

Mars is 34.7 million miles from Earth. I don’t know about anyone else but I get antsy in a car after about 3 hours let alone a six month trip with a bunch of strangers. It would take less than a week before they wanted to kill one another.

images-4           download-1

Who in their right mind would want to live on this planet? It is not called the Red Planet for nothing.

So you wanna go to Mars. I say the USA and the rest of the world have enough problems here on Mother Earth to worry about let alone looking for more.

images-5                      download

How are the space travelers going to cope with these creatures?

To get people to Mars and back is a very big MAYBE. To set up shop and permanently live there is an impossibility.


It’s only in the movies people.

The old Italian sayings are; lasciare abbastanza bene da solo o lasciare che una bugia cane che dorme (leave well enough alone or let a sleeping dog lie). Or is that let a lying dog sleep (political term) ???



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  1. Brittius says:

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    Well, looking at him and seeing how he behaves, I figure that he was “shot in the but-tocks”, but maybe mental changes because not many can do well in an environment away from socializing. I’m waiting for him to start walking around and cackling like a rooster.

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